Articles for this day of February 10, 2014

Release Week! The Pink, It Burns

Valentine’s Day falls on Friday. All the hearts and flowers and everything else that goes along with the most romantic of holidays.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a big fan of Valentine’s Day. And that’s why this year, MLR Press chose to do *anti* Valentine’s Day stories.

I have a story included in the half-dozen or so that are going to be released.¬†The Pink, It Burns¬†was originally intended to be a light, funny story about two men who hate Valentine’s Day.

It ended up being a story about a man who, as a child, was beaten badly enough on Valentine’s Day that he had to be put in the hospital and was subsequently put into foster care. On Valentine’s Day about fifteen years later, Dyer stops at his favorite coffee shop, where a little girl with a pink balloon captures his attention. When Dyer realizes the girl’s father has taken her from her mother without permission, he and Myles, the barista, team up to keep the father and child in the shop until the police arrive in response to Dyer’s call. Dyer is triggered by the event, so takes the day off from work and ends up spending most of it with Myles.

Definitely not a light, humorous story. And not a sexual one; Dyer and Myles barely kiss. But hopefully it’s a good story with a hopeful ending.

The Pink, It Burns, along with the rest of the Anti-Valentine’s stories, will release on February 14 from MLR Press.