Articles for this day of May 26, 2014

Love Is Love…

My opinion of love doesn’t always match other people’s. I’m talking about romantic love here; obviously there are other types, such as familial love, the love you might feel for a really good friend, love for a pet, and so on.

But I’m talking about romantic love, or being “in love”. Having a relationship with someone.

In the news almost every day, we hear that someone’s ranting against two people of the same sex being in love or allowed to marry. Why? What difference does it make to anyone what someone else does in their personal life? Witness the recent backlash against Michael Sam for–GASP!–kissing his boyfriend on TV when informed he’d been drafted into the NFL! How dare he! They’re two men! What do I tell my children!

BULL…okay. I won’t swear, even though this topic really pisses me off. Because why the hell should it matter if Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend? If he’d jammed his tongue down a *woman’s* throat on TV, no one would have batted an eye or wondered what to tell their children, but because he kissed a man, it’s all of a sudden some horrible huge deal that will traumatize the next generation?


I know people who are in polyamorous relationships or open relationships, where they have relationships (or at least sex) with more than one person or with someone other than their primary partner. Hell, I”M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! And, oh my gosh, I must be cheating on my husband! My children must be protected! I’m an evil whore!

Why is it anyone else’s business? (And for the record, my children are teens and no one aside from hubby and me is allowed in our home. Because I know someone out there is wondering.)

Love between or among consenting adults is love. Period. End of story. And it shouldn’t be anyone’s business or concern, other than the people directly involved, what sex or gender people are or how many people are involved in the relationship.

Because yeah. Love is love.