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Teaser Thursday- Changing Planes

Changing Planes_200


“We’ve been making plans and preparations every time we’ve gotten together the past few months.” Oliver really didn’t want to have this conversation. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected from Colin. Obviously the guy would express polite interest in Oliver’s plans. Flight attendants were probably trained to express polite interest in everything they heard unless it was a direct threat.

Colin would have no reason to try to talk Oliver out of marrying Sophia. And Oliver didn’t need to be talked out of it. He loved Sophia. Of course he wanted to marry her.

If he kept telling himself that enough, maybe he would get past the jitters by Saturday.

“That makes sense,” Colin said. “Still, it’s cutting things pretty close. Isn’t it? Maybe not. Hell, what do I know? I’ve never been married. Never found someone I wanted to make that commitment to, especially given how many people rant about gay marriage. Why put myself through the hate before I’m a hundred percent sure I want to spend my life with someone?”

“Exactly.” So he is gay. He didn’t know whether Colin had some ulterior motive in letting that little hint slip or whether it was just a statement. Not that it mattered. Colin was gay. Oliver was…interested. But Oliver was getting married in two days.

“Finding the right person is always good.” Colin took another drink and glanced out the window. “So many people joined at the hip with someone else. Someday I’d like that. If I decide to move here, I might be able to legally marry if I found the one. I think. I can never keep track of what California’s doing about gay marriage.”

“I don’t know.” Sophia had followed the news on the subject and had ranted to Oliver about equal rights and love being love no matter what gender, but he hadn’t paid much attention. He wanted everyone to be able to marry the person they loved, but it didn’t affect him, and he’d learned to tune out Sophia’s rants because otherwise they ended up having debates he didn’t want to deal with.

“It’s possible in Massachusetts, isn’t it?” Colin asked.

“Yeah. Gay marriage has been legal there for a while.”

“Good. I still wouldn’t mind living in Boston someday. At least I’d have options there.” Colin sighed. “Look, I’m sorry. You were probably expecting the wickedly witty man you saw on the plane yesterday, and instead you’re getting the king of the whine-asses.”

“It’s my fault for bringing up weddings.” Oliver found Colin’s self-described whining kind of cute. At least there was another romantic in the world. “No worries. I believe there’s someone out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding them, and sometimes they show up right when you’ve given up looking.”

“Ah, a philosopher,” Colin teased. “I should have guessed from the size of your coffee.”

“Yes, I do have a big…coffee.” Oliver couldn’t resist the joke, and it paid off when Colin laughed, his blue eyes twinkling.