Articles for this day of October 20, 2014

Random Contest!

I’ve decided that today, I shall have a contest. Just for fun.

Earlier today, I posted about a communication issue my husband and I had last week. In my opinion, communication is vital for any kind of relationship to work, whether it’s a romantic relationship, a friendship, or a family relationship. This is relevant to the contest…

First, some disclaimer-type stuff:

Contest will run from now until noon on Friday, October 24. One winner will be drawn at random from all comments; winner’s name will be posted in the comments, and I will notify the winner by email. (You don’t need to post your email. It shows up on my dashboard but is not visible to anyone else.)

The prize offered is a PDF copy of any of my in-print backlist books. In other words, any of the books listed on my Bookshelf page. Please be aware that PDF is a digital file format, readable with Adobe Reader or on a Kindle. By entering the contest, you indicate your understanding that you will receive a PDF file, not any other format. There will be no substitution.

And now the actual contest:

Respond to this post telling me whether you’ve had a communication issue with someone in your life and whether you were able to sort it out. You don’t have to give details; “yes” or “no” answers are fine.

Communication Consideration

In my opinion, the key to any relationship is open, honest communication. When you’re in a relationship, you have to be able to sort out problems, make agreements, set boundaries, etc, and the only way to do that is to talk to each other.

In our tech-heavy society, it’s easy to communicate with other people. We can text, email, instant message, place a good old-fashioned phone call, etc.

But some things just should be said in person. It’s a matter of respect and consideration.

Last week, my husband and I had an issue because he told me something important, that impacted us as a couple, via text message. And it wasn’t a text along the lines of “I need to tell you something…”; it was casually thrown into the middle of a conversation about him needing to use my car.

I didn’t have an issue with *what* he told me. I had an issue with *how*. I felt disrespected because he didn’t seem to think I deserved to have him come to me and talk face to face about the situation, and I was hurt and angry because of how he went about it.

He did apologize and admitted he’d been inconsiderate–and he did that face to face.