Articles for this day of November 3, 2014

Musical Interlude

Well, not really. Not yet.

I’ve been on an “I need a hobby” kick for a while now. Writing used to be my hobby, until I started earning money at it; now it’s a career, and isn’t as relaxing as it used to be.

A friend of mine who is an excellent mentor to other authors said that between the writing, my kids, and my relationships, I don’t really need a hobby because I have a lot of things filling my time. She kind of has a point.

But in the evenings, when I’m finished my work for the day, sometimes I get bored if I’m only sitting there watching TV. By that point, I’ve been looking at a computer screen off and on all day, and my eyes ache too badly for me to be able to read a book, which sucks because I used to love reading while watching TV. So I kind of want something I can do during that time, when I’m trying to relax and wind down before bed, but am still a little too revved up brain-wise to be able to just sit there.

Last week, I mentioned to my someone special that I wanted a hobby that wouldn’t involve using much vision, that would help me relax, and that I could do simultaneously with watching TV.

He suggested I learn to play the bass guitar.

Bass Guitar

He’s a guitarist who has played in several bands over the years, and has done some recordings with at least one of those bands, as well as doing some solo stuff. He thinks that, because I can sing mostly on-key, I can learn an instrument. I think he also made the suggestion because music is a huge part of his life, and he wants to share it with me.

I’ve played instruments before. My late grandmother was a piano teacher who gave me lessons for a couple of years, until I rebelled. I learned to read music from her, but also did pretty well playing by ear. From ages 10-13, I played the flute in my school band. I’ve also had a wee bit of vocal training; I was in my high school chorus, where the teacher actually worked with us on proper breathing, inflection, etc., and a decade or so ago while singing in my church choir, I was given voice lessons by the organist, who was also a professional vocal coach. So performing music, whether singing or instrumental, isn’t something I’m entirely unfamiliar with.

But I’m not sure about the whole bass guitar thing. I’ve gotten myself into the “I won’t be able to learn” mindset, which sucks. The same day my guy and I had that conversation, we talked about how someone can do anything they set their mind to–as long as they don’t believe they can’t. But I’m believing I can’t for reasons like “I won’t be able to remember the fingerings” and “I can’t play when my 16-year-old’s home because she’ll be able to hear it even without an amp and she won’t be able to tolerate the noise” and “hubby’s going to complain about having the bass in the living room”…many, many reasons.

I’d like to get over all of that and give it a try. My guy has a bass guitar he isn’t using that he’s offered to let me borrow indefinitely–and it’s even my favorite color, royal blue. He said he’d show me how to get started, though that’s good and bad because I’m more embarrassed to try in front of him, given his guitar skills, than I am to noodle around at home, but I trust him enough and know his musical skill well enough to know he would be able to teach me.

So it’s something I’m thinking long and hard about, and hoping to overcome being my own obstacle so I can give it a go.