Articles for this day of January 19, 2015

Build Up, Don’t Tear Down

Just something I was thinking about over the weekend…

There’s a difference between being honest and being brutal. There’s also a difference between lying and finding something positive to say.

Telling someone “That dress isn’t the best style for you” is honest. Saying “That dress makes you look awful; see how much your belly sticks out?” is brutal.

Sad Silhouette

Telling someone “Oh, you look gorgeous in that dress” (using the dress from the above example) is lying. Saying, “That’s a great color for you” is positive.

When you love someone, you usually want them to be happy and to feel good about themselves and the relationship. But sometimes all it takes is one brutal comment to tear your partner down.

If your partner asks for your honest opinion, give it–but stop and think about how you can phrase it gently. You can be honest without hurting feelings, and doing so is worth the effort.