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Coming Together: Through the Storm, Coming Together, January 11, 2014

ISBN: 9781310979477
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Coming Together: Through the Storm is a collection of weather-themed erotic fiction edited by Nicole Gestalt. Proceeds benefit Mercy Corps, which is on site wherever aid is needed, particularly when a natural disaster occurs.

CONTENTS: “Captive Briseis” (Sheridan Blythe); “And Lily Makes Three” (Leigh Ellwood); “Take Me Like a Hurricane” (Naomi Bellina); “Mud is Good and Wetter is Better” (Louise Nimble); “Storm Surge” (Teresa Noelle Roberts); “Sinkhole” (Annabeth Leong); “Twister” (Lisabet Sarai); “Storm Across the Prairie” (Spencer Dryden); “Heat of the Night” (Brantwijn Serrah); “Inside the Eye” (Skilja Peregrinarius); “Country Pleasures” (Teresa Noelle Roberts); “Duet” (Lady Grey); “Thunder” (Karenna Colcroft)

EXCERPT from “Thunder”:

Outside the window of Celeste’s tiny studio apartment, thunder crashed.

Heart pounding, Celeste glanced outside just in time to see a jagged bolt of lightning, which was followed almost immediately by another roll of thunder so loud it shook the building. The wind howled through the wires attached to the building.

Celeste took a deep breath. She hated thunderstorms.

“It was clear out.” The sound of her own voice snapped her out of her fear. She didn’t have time to be terrified. She had company.

“Storms come up suddenly sometimes.” The tall, black-haired man she’d picked up at the bar walked over to her and rested a gentle hand on her shoulder. “It’s just noise and light. Nothing to be scared of.”

Celeste chuckled nervously. The storm was bad enough. Having brought a stranger home to fuck was completely not normal for her, and she wasn’t sure what to do next. Having an anxiety attack about thunder probably wouldn’t make a great impression on him, though. She needed to pull herself together.

She looked up at his grey eyes and forced a smile. His name was Jason, if she remembered right. She sucked at names, especially the common ones. But his name wasn’t important. She wanted something from him, and she wasn’t going to let something as minor as not knowing what to call him hold her back.

As long as she didn’t call him some other guy’s name while he fucked her, everything would be fine.

As if he’d read her mind, Jason slowly moved his hand down her shoulder and chest and stopped just above her breast. The shudder which ran through Celeste this time had nothing to do with the storm. Her nipples perked up and she put her hand on his.

She’d wanted him the moment she’d seen him in the bar. He was gorgeous, and although she’d doubted herself and whether he would possibly be interested, she’d struck up a conversation. Which had led to dancing and drinks, and now here they were.

Looking him in the eye, she moved his hand down to cover her breast and hissed in breath as his touch amped up her arousal.

He inhaled loudly, and another bolt of lightning lit the room.

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