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With Every Touch, Loose Id, March 24, 2015

ISBN 978-1-62300-867-3

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With Every Touch is a USA Today Love and Lust recommended read! Reviewer Becky Condit says, “Ms. Colcroft gives us a character-driven novel with beautiful settings and interesting backstories that are lightly developed but enough to let us know who these people are.”


TV reporter Sheila Holloway is jaded on love. Plumber Erich Zahn is still reeling from a nasty divorce. Neither is looking for a relationship, but when Erich is called to fix Sheila’s shower, sparks fly and they begin a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Before long, both realize that being just friends isn’t enough. They’re falling for each other, and might have a future together, until Sheila receives her dream job offer from a TV station in Boston. If she chooses her job over the man she loves, will their relationship survive?


“You want to be out there, don’t you?” Erich said softly, his voice almost drowned out by the rain drumming the window. “The storm excites you.”

“Yeah.” Sheila faced the window again. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s turning you on.” Erich chuckled. “Right now you look the way you’ve looked when— Well, you know when.”

“Yeah,” she said again. There wasn’t any reason to deny it. Currents ran over her skin, and whether they were caused by the storm or desire, the result was the same. Her nipples hardened and her pussy tightened.

She didn’t only want to be out in the storm. She wanted to be there with Erich, soaked and open to him, his cock pounding her as hard as the sea pounded the rocks.

Just the thought excited her so much she started to rise from her seat.

Again Erich seemed to read her mind or at least her expression. “We can. I can ask them to bag up what we haven’t eaten so we can take it home. You want to fuck me out there, don’t you?”

“Am I that obvious?” Her face heated, and she glanced at the other customers and the workers behind the counter. Fortunately no one appeared to have overheard.

“Maybe, or maybe I have the same thing on my mind.” Erich grinned. “You look so turned on right now. Let me get this stuff packed up, and we can get out of here.”

He went to the counter and returned with an employee who carefully wrapped their sandwiches and fries and put them into separate paper bags. Sheila stood out of the way, watching the waves and feeling the pulse beating between her legs in the same rhythm. She needed to get the hell out of here. She needed Erich to take her hard, fast, and now.

Thunderstorms had always had this effect on her. With Erich encouraging her, she could act on the fantasy she’d had since high school, and she damn sure didn’t want to wait any longer than she had to.

The employee set the two bags on the table. “Have a good night. Be careful out there.”

“Thank you,” Erich said. He handed her a five-dollar bill, which she slipped into her apron pocket with a smile and thank-you before returning to the counter.

Picking up the two bags, Erich nodded toward the door. “Ready?”

“More than ready.” Sheila winked and hurried outside.

She wanted to run through the rain but forced herself to walk so she wouldn’t slip on the wet rocks. If she twisted her ankle or worse, she wouldn’t be able to get what she wanted from Erich. Regardless of how badly she yearned to fulfill her fantasy, taking her time would be better.

Within seconds, the rain had pasted her dress to her skin. Her hair was soaked, but she didn’t care. The thunder and lightning added to the heat within her, dulling the slight chill of rain and wind. Erich was behind her. Soon they would be alone. However he took her, wherever they ended up, didn’t matter. She wanted him. That was the only thing in her mind.

They reached their cars, and Erich gave Sheila one of the bags. “After we’re done here, what’s going to happen?”

“I don’t want to think about it.” Sheila opened her car door and placed the bag on the passenger seat, then closed and locked the door again. “Come on.”

“Patience is a virtue.” Erich sounded amused. He put his food in his car and held out his hand. This time she took it. “I know a good place. Sheltered so we won’t risk getting hit by lightning but right beside the water. I’ve been coming here for years. I know all the secret places.”

“As long as you touch my secret places, I don’t care.”

Erich laughed. “Oh, I will touch you wherever you want, believe me.”

He led her through the parking lot and down a dangerous-looking narrow path to a small strip of sand surrounded by high rocks and peppered with smaller boulders. An opening in the rocks appeared to lead into a small cave. It was getting dark, partly from the sun setting and partly from the storm, and in the faint light, Sheila could barely see Erich.

She didn’t need to see him to imagine the lust and hunger in his expression. She had seen it enough.

“You’re all wet,” he teased.

“Yes.” She ran her hands over her breasts. “Are you going to do anything about it?”

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