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Whatever He Wants, Ellora’s Cave, December 4, 2013

ISBN 9781419946417


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Long and Short Reviews gives Whatever He Wants 4 stars and says, “A good read and an author I’d definitely look up again.”

Mrs. Condit Reads gives Whatever He Wants 4 1/2 sweet peas and says, “It’s still a sexy book with an intriguing HFN. Good one.”

The Jeep Diva gives Whatever He Wants 3 stars and says, “I loved that everything between Isiah and Randall was all about Whatever He Wants.”

Grad student Randall has a reputation to uphold. He’s too busy to fall in love, and is known among his friends as the king of one-night stands. He prefers it that way until he meets Isaiah at a party.
Against all of Randall’s expectations, Isaiah turns out to be exactly what he’s looking for, and for the first time Randall’s heart gets involved. Randall doesn’t know whether Isaiah is truly interested in him or just playing the player, but to find out, Randall will do whatever Isaiah wants.
Inside Scoop: This book contains some Dominance/submission action between a guy who lives for one-night stands and the guy who wants to tame him.

Heart pounding and eyes on the sparse blond hair that covered Isaiah’s sculpted chest, Randall wolfed down one of the sandwiches and a few chips. His stomach growled but he didn’t care how hungry he was. Not for food, anyway. A completely different type of hunger filled him. He was horny as hell and he wanted to get their private party started as soon as possible. Preferably before lust made him lose his mind.

He swallowed a last chip and set the plate on the floor. “That’ll hold me. You’re fucking gorgeous, you know that?”

“You think so?” Isaiah struck a muscle-man pose and laughed. “I don’t know about gorgeous. I think that designation goes to you, my friend. Or maybe it’s just because I have a thing for long-haired, brown-eyed, too-skinny grad students.”

Isaiah’s accurate description of him made Randall self-conscious. He didn’t even remember if he’d shaved that morning. And yet Isaiah had called him gorgeous.

“Maybe it’s just because you’re horny,” he said.

Isaiah shrugged. “Maybe. Take off your clothes, Randall. You see what I have to offer.” He put his hand over his cock. “Most of it, at least. I think I’d rather save the grand reveal for a few more minutes. You a top or bottom?”

“Depends on my partner.” With guys he usually preferred to receive but he had no objection to being on the giving side of the equation. When he fucked other guys sometimes they spent way too much time negotiating whose cock would penetrate whom.

With Isaiah he didn’t need to negotiate. Tonight he was unquestionably a bottom. He wanted his ass reamed by Isaiah’s big dick and he couldn’t even consider anything else. He trembled and couldn’t find the words to answer out loud.

“I want to be inside you.” Isaiah lowered his voice and reached for the hem of Randall’s rock concert T-shirt. “I wanted it the second I saw you downstairs. I didn’t accidentally reach for the same cup as you. I saw you bending over and your perfect ass had me at attention right away.” He let go of the shirt and ran one hand over Randall’s ass. “Can I fuck you, Randall? Can I take your tight ass?”

Fire rushed through Randall and he wanted to scream from the ache in his dick and balls. If he didn’t get off soon he probably would scream. Even through his jeans he felt the heat of Isaiah’s hand adding to his own.

“Fuck yes,” he blurted. “Whatever you want. For the next hour or so I’m all yours.”

“Longer than an hour or so, I hope.” Isaiah slid his hand around Randall’s hip to his button fly. “Should I rip these off you or can you undress fast?”

“Whatever you want,” Randall said again. What the fuck is he doing to me? He was never so submissive. With his partners, whether male or female, he was in control or at the very least on equal footing. But with Isaiah he wanted to please. He would do anything the guy asked within reason and maybe outside of it. Anything at all.

“Take them off.” Abruptly Isaiah stepped back and folded his arms. “I’m not touching you again until you’re completely naked. I want to see how hard you are for me. I want to see the cock I’m about to suck until I blow your mind.”

Hearing his own thoughts echoed by Isaiah only added fuel to the lust burning inside Randall. He quickly stripped out of his clothes and tossed them to the side, not caring how difficult it might be to untangle them later. Every second he took getting undressed was a second he wouldn’t be able to feel Isaiah’s touch.

He must have gone too long without sex. He’d been horny before, of course, but never anything so strong. He’d never been so horny he felt as if he would die if he didn’t get fucked within moments or so horny he could see and think of nothing except his partner.

Completely nude with his cock prominent against his abdomen, he looked into the deep eyes of his new partner again and was lost.

“Fuck me,” he murmured. “Please.”

“You don’t have to beg.” Isaiah’s eyes glinted in the dim lamplight as he dropped to his knees in front of Randall. “I’m going to fuck you, baby. Nice and hard until you scream my name. But first I’m going to suck you off because I want to watch you come.”


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