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In His Shirt, Ellora’s Cave, May 10, 2013.

ISBN 9781419944826


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Romance with Flavor gives In His Shirt 5 stilettos and says, “My Kindle was in definite meltdown mode.”

Romancing the Book gives In His Shirt a Lovely Rose and says, “The sexual chemistry between Marielle, Rory and Wayne was off the charts and the sex scenes were… all I can say is wow.”

Kitties Like Books Too says, “I give this book an A in keeping and holding my attention, and will recommend it to anybody looking for some good, spice-up-my-sex-life material.”

Twinsie Talk gives In His Shirt 3.5 stars and says, “I wished the story was longer so that I could see what happened next……”

Manic Readers gives In His Shirt 3.5 stars.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews gives In His Shirt 3 stars.

Marielle has had a thing for her friend Rory since they met, but has never acted on it. The morning after Rory and his roommate Wayne save Marielle from a jerk at a club and bring her back to their place to sleep it off, Marielle decides it’s time to let Rory know how much she wants him. She doesn’t expect Wayne to walk in and join them—and she definitely doesn’t expect to discover Rory and Wayne have a sexual relationship—and they want to make Marielle a permanent part of it.


The guys lived in a secure building which meant Marielle had to buzz to be let in. Her only moment of hesitation came when she held her finger over the buzzer. Should I really do this now? Maybe they need a little more time to get over me being a bitch about this. Maybe they don’t even want to see me.

She refused to let those thoughts stop her for long. She pressed the button.

Wayne responded almost immediately through the speaker. “Hello?”

“It’s me.” Marielle paused. “Marielle.”

“Did you forget something?” He sounded guarded.

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you something.”

He didn’t answer for several seconds, long enough for Marielle to wonder if he would reply at all. Then the buzzer sounded and the door clicked.

She opened the door quickly and went up to the men’s apartment. Wayne already had their door open though he stood in the opening as if blocking her from entering. “Didn’t you say everything you needed to?”

“No.” Marielle took a deep breath. “First of all I need to say I’m sorry. Second, can I come in, please?”

“It depends on what you’re sorry for.” Wayne glanced over his shoulder. “Rory’s in his room. Asked me to leave him alone after you stomped out of here. You really hurt him.”

“That’s what I’m sorry for.” Marielle’s heart ached. She’d known she had hurt the men. Hearing someone else say she had was worse. “Please, Wayne. Let me in to apologize to him, at least. I wasn’t exactly expecting you guys to ask me something like that and I acted like a jackass because I didn’t know what else to say. I need to talk to both of you if you can forgive me enough to let me in.”

“This better be worth it.” Wayne stepped aside.

Marielle entered the apartment and he closed the door behind her. “It will be,” she said. “Come to Rory’s room with me?”


He led her to Rory’s bedroom door and knocked. “Someone’s here to see you.”

“I don’t want to see anyone,” Rory said.

“Yeah you do.” Marielle turned the knob and pushed the door open.

Rory sat up quickly and stared at her. “What are you doing back here? Thought you needed time to think.”

“I had enough time and some advice from a friend.” Marielle paused. She had an entire speech planned but seeing the mingling of sadness and anger in Rory’s expression, she knew she needed something more obvious than words.

Rory had told her to give back his shirt when she’d come to a decision. The best way to let him know she’d had enough time was to do exactly that. She whipped off the shirt and approached the bed in her bra and jeans. “Here. I need to give this back to you.”

His eyes widened. “You’re giving me…?”

“A yes.” She knelt on the bed beside him. “For one month, at least. I need to see if I can really handle it. But yes, I want to be with you.” She looked back at Wayne. “Both of you.”

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