Busy, Busy!

Last week was my first week of following the new plans and schedule I’ve set up for 2014.


So far, so good! I updated this website and the website of my YA pen name Jo Ramsey, I set up a workable promotions schedule, including some new things I hadn’t thought of doing before, and I started on some of the tasks that Mary Muse Charmer suggested during my career consultation with her. I also revised and submitted a new young adult novel.

Even though it was a long and kind of tiring week, I’m feeling really positive about everything I accomplished. The schedule is full but not impossible, and I made sure to build in time to relax and take breaks. Some of the things Mary suggested, like scheduling some of my tweets, is already paying off in new followers and more name visibility for me.

This week, I’ll be starting the final novel in the Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series, which in addition to being the last of that series, will be the last paranormal romance Karenna Colcroft will write. After that, my new pen name Kara Costegan will take over the paranormals. And another of my tasks for the week will be building at least the beginnings of Kara’s website.

Writing is a business, but sometimes even if you’re doing it full time, it’s hard to remember that. But after last week, I’m definitely feeling it and living it, and I can’t wait to see what happens this year!

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