I’ll admit it… I’ve been in kind of a whiny mood the past couple of weeks.

My first erotic romance story was accepted for publication almost 6 years ago. (January 2009). And my first YA novel, under my other pen name, was accepted in the fall of the same year. Since then, I’ve had… well, a lot of things published. And very few rejections.

In November, I got rejections on two romance projects. And that’s hitting me harder than I thought it would.

Getting rejections is part of the business of being a writer, and I know this. I don’t take rejections personally, any more than I take negative reviews personally. It’s about the book, not *me*.

But because these were only my seventh and eighth rejections since I started writing for publication, and because depression is a dick and the people in my past who told me negative things about myself apparently still live in my brain, I’m struggling to reach the point of “This isn’t something to dwell on, I can get past it, and I can try other publishers.” Both rejections were from publishers I’m not currently working with, that I was really hoping to get into, and one of the two had rejected one of my other books three years ago.

I know I’m good enough. I know that there’s definitely room for improvement in my writing, but I also know that my writing is good and that I’m capable of learning new things and making those improvements.

It’s just a matter of letting this mood pass so I can get back to work and try again.

2 comments on “Discouragement

  1. Kimber Vale

    At least you had the balls to try again with that pub you attempted three years ago. I think I’ve subbed to the same place and got the big R. I don’t know that I’ll try again any time soon even though I’d love to be there. The wait time certainly is a factor. My ego another. 😉 Good for you for hammering away. You’ll get there. Like you said, it depends on the book, what they’re looking for at the moment, the editor who reads it…

    No worries, Karenna, you’re still amazing. Ignore those voices–unless they spur you back on that horse. 🙂

    1. admin

      Sorry for not approving this comment sooner, Kimber! My site’s been off and on lately, and it wasn’t showing your pending comment… Anyway, thank you for the positive words 🙂 And back at you. Keep on going! You can definitely never tell when something you’ve written will spark the right response in the right reader (editor, publisher, etc.) I’m fortunate to have some writing friends and some “meatspace” non-writing folks in my life who’ve been supporting and encouraging me, and I have some big plans for 2015 for improving my craft and aiming big.

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