Don’t Be Afraid

When there’s a change pending in our lives, it’s natural to be afraid of it. At least a little. Even if we’re embracing the change whole-heartedly, that doesn’t mean we aren’t a little scared about what it’s going to mean. The change might have been completely our decision, and we might be really excited about it, but still.


And when we’ve set something up and believe it should work, and have schedules and plans and have told other people about them, letting go of that to make a change can seem even more frightening. What will people think of us? How dare we say we’re going to do something and then not do it?

In September, I made some big changes in my personal and writing lives. In December, I fine-tuned those changes and made even more.

Now I’m realizing that some of those changes aren’t working anymore. Or didn’t work right off the bat, even though I kept trying to make them go the way I wanted them to. Trying to make something work when it just plain isn’t, doesn’t make sense. It’s just frustrating and starts causing other things not to work either.

So it’s time to make more changes. And that’s kind of scary. But I know they’ll be for the best.

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