I’m So Excited!

It’s been a really exciting week for me writing-wise. Specifically for my gay vegan werewolf, Kyle Slidell, and his Alpha mate Tobias Rogan.

The excitement all happened Wednesday. I came home and found a post on the MLR Press loop informing me that Veggie Burgers to Go, the second novel in the Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series, had been reviewed by Sensual Reads. I popped over there and discovered a 5-star review, in which the reviewer called it a “treasure of a story”! The entire review can be read here.

That was awesome enough. But then I got a phone call that night from the coordinator of the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America’s Bean Pot contest for published works. (Long name; sorry about that.) Salad on the Side, Kyle and Tobias’s first book, is a finalist in the fantasy, futuristic, paranormal category of the contest! I won’t find out until April 27 whether I’m a winner, but just being a finalist is amazing. And it means I’ll be going to the NECRWA conference in Salem, MA on April 27 and 28. I wasn’t planning to go, but I wouldn’t be able to stand staying home and not hearing the winners’ names announced.

When I told my husband about those two things, his response was, “It’s good to be a gay vegan werewolf.” I don’t know about that, but right now it’s definitely good to *write* about Kyle and Tobias. I’ll be starting their third novel soon, and I hope they continue to appeal to readers.

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