Kicking Off 2015

My new year is already off to…let’s say a mixed start.

One of the things I’d taken a long look at during December was my backlist, especially the books that weren’t selling. Two of those books were coming up for contract renewal this year. I had already notified Siren, one of the publishers, that I would not be renewing the contract on Deep Down, so I’ll have the rights back for that on Wednesday.

The other book coming up for renewal was my paranormal romance Eternal Love. At the end of last week, I notified Jupiter Gardens that I would not be renewing that contract, or the one for one of my YA novels that I had with them. And since that YA novel was the first in a series, I requested rights reversions on the other four books as well.

I’ve always been happy in my dealings with Jupiter Gardens Press. They’re thorough on editing and are very much invested in the best for their authors, including finding new promotional venues and methods. Contract terms are good, and author-favorable. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

But… *my* Jupiter Gardens books have sold poorly. I don’t fault them for this, nor do I completely fault myself. It’s just one of those things.

And the publisher responded immediately to my email. As of January 31, the two YA series I’ve had with Jupiter Gardens will be out of print, as will Eternal Love and my contemporary novella Help Around the House.

It’s a bittersweet thing for me. Jupiter Gardens really gave me my start as a published author, and it saddens me that my books haven’t done better for JGP or for me. But sometimes in a business, tough decisions have to be made, and writing for publication is definitely a business. Even when it is sad.

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