Making Music

This is release week for my male/male contemporary novel Love Like Vampires, and as usual when I have a new release, I’m excited!


This book is a bit different from most of the things I’ve written. The main characters, Shane and Thaniel, are only in their early twenties, living as roommates with a third member of the band they started in middle school. I’ve written one other story with a professional musician as a main character, but this is my first full-length novel featuring a band.

I got to “know” Shane and Thaniel really well as I wrote their story. All their fears and insecurities, including the ones they hide from each other. All their dreams, and the worries about what they’d do if their dreams don’t come true.

At the core of the story is how Shane and Thaniel feel about each other. They’ve been best friends since elementary school. Because of a crappy home life, Shane practically grew up at Thaniel’s house, and his childhood crush on his friend grew to full-blown love by high school. Something he never dared to tell Thaniel, because he believed Thaniel was straight. But because of that love, Shane has done everything he can to make sure their band, Love Like Vampires, makes it in the business.

Although Thaniel has hidden the truth about his sexuality from Shane, he is bisexual, and his feelings for Shane are just as strong as Shane’s for him. Knowing what Shane went through as a kid, Thaniel is protective of him, and is determined that the band will make it because he wants to make Shane proud.

When they finally admit their feelings for each other, there’s no question of where their relationship will go. But where the band will go–or if it will go on at all–is far from settled.

I hope readers enjoy Shane and Thaniel as much as I have. You can get your copy of Love Like Vampires in paperback or ebook from Dreamspinner Press.

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