Special Guests J.P. Barnaby and Ethan Bryant

The amazing J.P. Barnaby is here today to be interviewed by Master Ethan Bryant, from the new Forbidden Room series. Welcome!

J. P. Barnaby Interview conducted by Master Ethan Bryant of The Forbidden Room series

[J. P. Barnaby] First, I would like to thank Karenna Colcroft for inviting Ethan and I to participate on her blog. He really is one of my favorite characters and I enjoy spending time with him, talking with him, and listening to his stories. I can see by his sardonically raised eyebrow that I’ve already done him some kind of disservice.

[Master Ethan] I would have thought that a submissive of your training would know the proper way to greet a Dominant.

[J. P.] Yes, Master Ethan. I apologize for my disrespect. I’m a little nervous about being interviewed. Please forgive me, Sir?

[Ethan] I may. Kneel here next to my chair like a good girl and I’ll see if your behavior improves.

[J. P.] Thank you, Sir.

[Ethan] Very good, sweet girl. Now, did you have anything else to say before we begin the interview?

[J. P.] No, Sir.

[Ethan] You should trust me a little more. In position, there at my feet you know your place, don’t you? You’re not nervous anymore, just my eager girl.

[J. P.] Yes, Sir.

[Ethan] Very good. Why don’t we start with how you and I met, shall we?

[J. P.] I had decided to use my writing to work out some of my questions and issues resulting from childhood trauma. Scenes played out in my head, but they were never between a male Dom and a female sub as I had experienced, they played out with a male Dom and a male sub. You told me to write what was in my heart, and the pieces would fall into place, and they did. I was able to deal with my questions about myself relating to submission, bisexuality, and recovery.

[Ethan] So, in the Forbidden Room series, in essence, I am a personification of issues you’ve spent years dealing with on your own?

[J. P.] Yes, Sir. Just like you in the story, I used BDSM as an outlet to deal with pain and confusion. In submission I found a way to let go of the control I had problems finding in my own life. To an extent, writing has become a different kind of outlet to find that control again. Building worlds, controlling characters, detailing stories all help me to regain a sense of control.

[Ethan] Talk a bit about the Forbidden Room series.

[J. P.] The self-published Forbidden Room series currently consists of two novels and a short story. It is the story of Master Ethan Bryant as he struggles with his sexuality, love, and redemption. His ad in the local paper for a roommate was answered by Jayden Carter who causes Ethan to question nearly every assumption he’d ever made about himself.

[Ethan] Tell me about Gabriel from A House of Cards.

[J. P.] Gabriel is the quintessential fallen angel. Beautiful, good-hearted, loving, and caring to a fault, he tried to love you in the way he thought you deserved.

[Ethan] You have made me very proud as a best-selling author with Dreamspinner Press with another series and a few short stories. Tell me about the Little Boy Lost series first.

[J. P.] The Little Boy Lost series consists of six novels (four of which have been released to date) and is the story of Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield, two teenage boys growing up gay in rural Alabama. The series follows the boys as they fight parents, peers, administrators, pastors, and anyone else who gets in the way of their love for each other. Heart wrenching and honest, the series is anything but predictable, and resonates in the hearts of many readers who have experienced the same kind of hatred and bigotry in their own lives.

[Ethan] The one question on everyone’s mind with that series is if Brian and Jamie will have a happy ending. Would you like to address that?

[J. P.] I love Brian and Jamie, they have been with me for a very long time, almost as long as Master Ethan and Jayden. More than anything on earth, I want for them to be happy and safe in each other’s arms. It all depends on where the story takes me. I’m working on the final book now, and I’m trying to take very good care of these boys, but the story is really up to them.

[Ethan] Papi and Mastering the Ride are your short stories from Dreamspinner Press and they have some interesting covers. Who are your cover models and how did they end up on your stories?

[J. P.] Though Papi was actually released first, the cover for Mastering the Ride with gay porn model Trent Diesel came about first. I’d written the story for the Riding Double anthology for Dreamspinner, but they decided they’d rather release it as a single. Normally, stories of that length do not have covers, but I really wanted a visual representation of Wade and Josh on the cover so I started searching for my Josh. As I looked, I put up a message on Twitter about how much I’d love to have Trent Diesel on the cover because I am a fan of his scenes. Not only is he beautiful, but in interviews and his tweets, he’s funny and sweet. He responded and asked why I couldn’t have him on the cover. So, he scheduled a photo shoot with a photographer that he knew and shot a series of images specifically for the book. My friend and wickedly talented graphic artist Sam from AngstyG.com put together the cover and it was gorgeous.

For Papi, my friends had been to the gay porn awards called The Grabbys in Chicago which I was supposed to attend, but ended up being in the hospital. They came by the day after and showed me a series of pictures they’d taken of the preparties and actual event. There was one picture that caught my attention and refused to let go. It was a picture of a beautiful guy standing bare chested in jeans holding his hoodie open with the sexiest smile. I posted the pictures on twitter, and that model who I later found out was Parker Perry responded to thank me for posting. I told him that he would look beautiful on a book cover, sent him Trent’s cover, and asked if he would be interested. He agreed and hooked me up with one of his studios who supplied me with over 1200 images of him and told me to take my pick. Again, the images were sent to AngstyG, and she put together the incredible cover for Papi.

Since then I’ve used other models on bookmarks, and found others for future books. I love being able even in a small way with their promotion because I understand what it’s like to have to do all of your own PR work.

[Ethan] Can you tell me what kind of projects you’re working on now? I know you generally have a lot going on in that little head of yours.

[J. P.] Right now, I’m working on the final Little Boy Lost book. I also have in the works a story about a boy with such severe PTSD that he can’t be touched, one about quantum propulsion and entanglement theory, and a fantasy collaboration with the amazingly talented Rowan Speedwell (whose Finding Zach is still one of my favorite books).

[Ethan] You’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, is that something you generally do?

[J. P.] Honestly, my life has changed so much in the last six months, I hardly recognize myself. I’ve lost nearly 115 lbs, I’ve done a 5k for the Chicago AIDSWalk, been to Hustlaball and GayRomLit and now coming up this weekend I’ll be flying out to Charlotte to see Devon Hunter and talk about his new projects. Later in the month, I’ll be flying to San Diego to spend the weekend with Phillip Aubrey whom I interviewed in the summer and became fast friends with. It’s been an absolutely wild ride and I’ve loved every minute of it. It’s incredible to me that just two years ago, I’d never done any of this and now I have ten published novels, several of which have hit the best seller’s list for both Dreamspinner Press and Amazon.com for Gay and Lesbian fiction. It’s surreal.

[Ethan] Okay, sweet girl, one more question – if someone wanted to find your work, where would they look?

[J. P.] The best place to find all of my work (free and published) is my website – http://www.jpbarnaby.com. On that site you can also find my blog, bio, and contact information.

[Ethan] We’re finished, come and sit on my lap, beautiful girl.

[J. P.] Thank you, Master Ethan.

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The blurb from The Forbidden Room (Forbidden Room #1):

When Jayden Carter applied to be Ethan Bryant’s roommate, he never expected his whole life to change. Drawn into a world he knows nothing about, Jayden joins the beautiful and mysterious Lexi as Ethan’s submissive. He then begins a journey of self-discovery that teaches him more than merely BDSM.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Forbidden-Room-J-P-Barnaby/dp/1449576249/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b

The blurb from A House of Cards (Forbidden Room #2)

“I crushed him to me and was hit with a feeling so incredibly strong that, for a moment, I couldn’t breathe. There were aspects of it that I recognized easily – attraction, lust, but there were subtler aspects as well and they weren’t as readily identifiable – companionship, longing and comfort. The only way I could describe that undercurrent of emotion, strangely, was … home.” – Master Ethan Bryant Ethan Bryant’s world has been turned upside down by the loss of his submissives. Alone and desperate, his life spins dangerously out of control. Will a return to Chicago give him the closure he so desperately seeks? What happens when a childhood friend comes back into Ethan’s life, vying for his love. Will Ethan find what he is looking for, or will Jayden’s jealousy tear them all apart and make everything come crashing down? A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan is the second book in the Forbidden Room series.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/House-Cards-Deconstructing-Ethan-Forbidden/dp/1452831017/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b

My website link: http://www.jpbarnaby.com


“On your knees” he said in a sharp voice. Carefully, because of my bound hands, I lowered myself to the floor. “Spread your legs.” Doing as he asked, he placed the bar between my knees. When he tied each of my knees to the metal loops on either end of the bar, I felt wholly debased, now naked and spread for him on his hardwood floor. He brought one of the lower benches over and, after setting it in front of me, adjusted it to my height using a set of pegs on each side. Then with his warm hand between my shoulder blades, he pushed me over the ottoman so that my stomach rested against the cool leather. His touch was gentle, but firm, giving me no option to resist him.

“Now, you will be punished for your transgression. I told you not to enter this room, however, you felt compelled to do so. This will help you to understand that you will obey me,” he said and I watched him walk to the wall and pull down a long wooden paddle. Immediately, I squirmed on the bench wondering if I should use the word. Could I do this? When the first blow came, I was unprepared for it and jerked forward into the bench. I didn’t cry out. I couldn’t. I was determined not to give him the satisfaction of hearing me react to his punishment. Crack after crack of the paddle resounded through the room and I suddenly understood why the room was soundproofed. Even though I never made a sound throughout my punishment, the sheer humiliation of the setting was soon apparent as my hips moved to absorb the blows. My erection continuously rubbed against the soft leather padding of the bench, making me become incredibly aroused. How could I get so hard being paddled by another man?

Finally, it was over. When he rubbed my sore buttocks with his large hand, I couldn’t help the moan that escaped me. It stung, but the tenderness he showed felt nice. As he walked around the bench, I couldn’t meet his eye, so I dropped my head. Stroking my hair affectionately he said, “You took that well, Jayden. I am impressed.” Pulling on my shoulders so I straightened up, he pushed the bench out of the way and looked hungrily at my body. “You seemed to enjoy it as well,” he mused and my face flamed. He stepped closer to me and I watched in horrified fascination as he released a snap on the front of his pants and removed a panel; his erection now framed by the opening in his clothing. Still, he was clothed and I was naked. One more level of subjugation I was required to face.

I felt his hand stroke my cheek slowly and then he said the word I had been dreading.


The panic welled in my chest, but I willingly opened my mouth for another man. Of course, this act had been performed on me, but I really had little idea what to do now. My mind had gone blank with the sheer depravity of it. I felt his erection enter my mouth and my mind rebelled against it, but as I tried to turn my head, he held it fast. Soon I could taste him, the flavor of salt and musk strong on my tongue, and I forced myself to breathe through my nose, relaxing as he released my head. It would have been better if he’d have forced me, but he did not move once he was fully in my mouth and it was now up to me to willingly perform the act. This must have been what he meant by assessing me. With tears welling at the corners of my eyes, I began to move. Softly, he moaned as I carefully bobbed my head back and forth, sucking him.

“Jayden, look at me,” he demanded and I opened my eyes to look up at him to find his brown eyes studying me for a moment before his head fell back and he put his fingers in my hair. He began to gently guide my movements. Feeling the rigid texture of him as he fucked my mouth, I had to concentrate hard on breathing through my nose as his thrusts increased in tempo. Instinctively, I sucked harder just wanting it to be over. The sounds he made excited me and my hips moved in a softer rhythm that complemented his. I was impossibly hard.

“Swallow it,” he said tersely, through his teeth. Seconds later, he stopped moving while deep in my mouth. I felt the hot, sticky semen stream into my mouth and I swallowed around him, forcing myself to concentrate on breathing and swallowing, nothing else. When he was finished, he pulled out slowly, my jaws aching when I could finally move them again. One tear slipped slowly down my cheek as I thought about what I had just done. Not only what I had done, but about how it had made me feel. Degraded but aroused, humiliated but almost willing to beg for more. It scared me how much I wanted it. My erection was actually painful now and all I could think about was how I would even resort to begging him for release. As I looked up into Ethan’s face, he smiled down at me, displaying his approval. He stroked my hair softly and I realized then that this day would leave me irrevocably altered.



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