Stock Cover Images

Since a lot of publishers tend to use stock images in the creation of their covers, it isn’t surprising that occasionally the same image shows up in more than one place. Sometimes in a lot of places.

I’ve had it happen with a couple of my own books, though one of the books in question is now out of print, so I don’t have that cover anymore. But I had two books, one a male/male and the other a hetero, that I would swear had the same guy as part of the cover image, just reversed from one to the other.

After changing my website theme, it occurred to me that I probably had way too much in this site’s media library, including the covers of all of my out of print books. So I decided to go through and clean things out. And then I saw this:

Nick_sm (2)

I uploaded that image in late 2012 for a guest author’s post. Tonya Kinzer, I believe. According to the tag on the image, it was meant to represent a character named Nick. I had to check on that, especially to find out when I’d uploaded that image, because it looked very, very familiar.

Does¬†“Nick”¬†look familiar to you? He should…


Two years later, one of Loose Id’s cover artists decided this guy made a perfect Erich Zahn.

And it amused me so much I had to do a blog post about it.

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