Who Cares?

Recently, on one of my Facebook accounts, an author friend posted that he’s been receiving accusations and even threats from someone who’s convinced that first of all, he’s a woman (he isn’t; he’s openly intersex, and to the best of my knowledge uses male pronouns, or at least that’s what his close friends use when they refer to him); and second of all, that he and a teenage boy he’s mentoring are actually the same person.

Not only is my author friend getting all this nonsense… but at least one of the people throwing BS at him is also stalking and accusing the teenage boy. Who is a legitimate teenager (other author friends have kids around the same age who have met or Skyped with the boy).

Aside from the complete heinousness of dragging a teenage abuse survivor through something like this, which I won’t rant about because it completely infuriates me, there’s the issue of the gender of my author friend.

And my response to that issue is… who cares???

An author’s genitals, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. has NOTHING to do with what or whether they write.


It’s one thing if an author is blatantly lying about who they are, as has been the case with a handful. But my friend isn’t lying. He’s very open about who he is. And he’s a huge support and encouragement for abuse and trauma survivors, both through his books and in his personal life.

So who the bleep cares if he’s male, female, intersex, or whatever? Why are people going out of their way to harass him and the boy he’s mentoring?

He’s an author. Focus on his writing. Leave his personal life out of it. And the same goes for any author.

Read their books. Judge their writing, not the person behind it.