Teaser Thursday- Stepping Stone Not Doormat

Stepping Stone Not Doormat2_coverlg

Chastity’s face went white, and she shook her head.

Oh, shit. Solara braced herself. Robin had caught Chastity stealing. That much was obvious from the way Robin had acted, and judging from Chastity’s pale expression and wide eyes, she was guilty as hell. The last thing they needed was another fuckup in the group. Over the past year, Solara and Mitch had become the only queens who stuck around. The rest of the lineup kept changing because of conflicts or personal life issues. Or most recently, because the previous new queen, Rainbow, had almost caused Mitch to break his ankle during a performance.

If Chastity really had stolen from Robin, there wasn’t any chance they could keep her on. The queens had to act as a team to keep the performances on track and the audience coming back, and if they couldn’t trust someone, she wouldn’t be welcome to stay.

Even though this would be one hell of a problem to sort out, Solara was almost relieved. Having to repair the fracture among the queens and probably reblock the group numbers to cover for Chastity’s absence would keep her mind occupied.

“Shit’s been going missing for a couple weeks now,” Robin said. “And now I know where it’s gone.”

Solara let go of her. “Speak. Use your words, sweetheart, because if you try using your fists again, I’m sending you home before Rocco has a chance to fire you.”

Robin stepped backward to stand beside Solara. “I’m missing makeup. Shoes. And now that scarf.” She pointed at Chastity. “It’s the first time I’ve seen that fucking bitch with any of it, but if she’s got the scarf, she probably has the rest.”

“We don’t tolerate stealing.” Solara held out her hand, and Mitch gave her the scarf. “Chastity?”

“I’m sorry.” Chastity folded her arms. To her credit, she looked Solara in the eye. “It’s cute. I wanted to borrow it.”

Solara shook her head at Robin, warning the smaller queen to keep her mouth shut. “Borrowing means asking. You don’t take anything from another girl, not even a smidge of lipstick, without permission. Where’s the rest of Robin’s stuff?”

“Some here, some at my place,” Chastity mumbled.

“Give her what you have here, then get your ass home and bring back the rest.” Solara put her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes. This dumbass young bitch was about to ruin their entire show. Solara was damned if she would let that happen. “You’re out. Don’t pass go; don’t collect a fucking thing. Just give Robin’s stuff back to her, and if you took anything from the rest of us, give that back too. And then pack your bags.”

Chastity opened and closed her mouth a few times, but not even a tiny sound came out. No surprise there. She was faced with five pissed-off queens, and she didn’t have a chance in hell of saying anything that would change her fate.

“Finish getting ready.” Solara turned her back on the former group member and clapped her hands. “We have one hour before showtime, and we have to redo the group numbers to accommodate five instead of six. Get moving.”