Feeling Restless

I’m having one of those days where I know something needs to change, but I don’t know what.

I have a friend back in my life who I thought I’d lost. Changes in his personal life caused a rift between us, but fortunately, that rift was temporary. We met on Friday and talked things through. Our friendship won’t be as time-intensive as it was, and won’t include hanging out at his place on the couch watching TV, but the basis of the friendship, and the associated emotions, are intact. For which I’m very thankful. That’s one thing that *doesn’t* need to change, but after a month of no contact with this friend, the reconnection is probably contributing to where my head’s at right now.

I have a new friend in my life who’s very comfortable and fun to be around, but something isn’t quite clicking. And I don’t know what it is. I like spending time with him, but something tells me this is going to be temporary too. Which is unfortunate if it turns out to be the case, but sometimes people are put in our lives for only short periods of time.

My romance writing is still in the flux state it’s been in, and I’m getting a little tired of it being there but can’t quite figure out how to change that. Aside from still being unsure whether I can write the type of thing I used to write, there’s also the realization that I only have two publishers remaining that I would be likely to submit to again. Which rules out some of the things I might want to try writing.

This site has a lot of stuff on it that’s been here for a very long time. I’m going to be going through it this week and deleting some old images from the media library, as well as the oldest (pre-2014, for the most part) blog posts. Clear out some space, and maybe some old energy.

But mostly it’s just a day of “what do I want to do, how do I want to do it, and what if I can’t?” I think everyone has days like this sometimes.