Teaser Thursday- The Alpha’s Bride

AlphasBride 200

Over the next few days, some of the other women in the pack approached Tareth to talk about the baby and the upcoming wedding. Tareth was bemused by the attention. While most of these women had been friendly to her, none had made an effort to actually be her friend until now. They seemed fascinated by her pregnancy and her upcoming wedding to Justin, which wasn’t even planned yet. Tareth had mentioned it to Justin at one point, and he’d asked to put off the topic until after Christmas.

Christmas morning, Tareth woke to find that Justin had already left the bed. She was a little disappointed. She’d hoped he would let her unwrap him before they started on their presents. “Maybe later,” she said out loud to herself as she got out of bed.

The smells of bacon and hot chocolate filtered down the hall from the kitchen when she left the bedroom. She followed them to find Justin standing at the stove, frying eggs and the bacon she’d smelled. He wore only the boxer briefs he’d slept in, and Tareth’s mouth watered from the sight of her mate more than the smell of the food.

Her stomach rolled, reminding her that eating early in the morning hadn’t been a good idea lately anyway.

“Thanks for cooking.” She smiled when Justin looked at her. “I don’t know if I can eat right now.”

“I can probably eat enough for both of us, but isn’t it bad for the baby if you skip meals?” He paused. “That’s why you haven’t been eating breakfast. Morning sickness?”

“Yeah. Though weirdly, sometimes hot chocolate helps.” She sat at the table beside a cup filled with the beverage. Her stomach rolled again. “Maybe not this time. I do eat enough, Justin. I just can’t eat until about ten or eleven in the morning. That’s when the nausea starts to let up. I think for most women, morning sickness goes away after the first trimester, which means I should be almost done with it.”

“You can ask the doctor.” He turned back to the stove. “You called the doctor, right?”

“On Thursday. My primary care wants to see me first, and then there’s an OB-GYN in the same practice who’ll see me. Not till after New Year’s Day, though.”

“That’ll be soon enough.” He put some eggs and bacon on a plate he’d set on the counter and turned toward her. “I’ll eat over here if the smell bothers you. I need to eat something before we open our presents.”

Tareth nodded. “I can wait. I think. I have to admit I’m a little excited, though. There’s this big box under the tree with my name on it. I noticed it last night. I want to find out what that is.”

“There are three other presents with your name on them, and the big box has to be the last one you open.” Justin put a piece of bacon in his mouth. Tareth’s stomach churned again, and she ran into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, cursing her stomach but satisfied that the worst was over for the day, she brushed her teeth before returning to the kitchen. Justin had finished his meal and was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him. He stood when she entered the room. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. That’s been happening every day. Sadly, I’m used to it.” She returned to her seat and took a cautious sip of now-lukewarm hot chocolate. “Are we ready for presents?”

“I am. I can’t wait to see the look on your face.” He grinned and reached for her hand. “Come with me.”

She took his hand and let him help her up. “Are you one of my presents?”

He laughed. “Later.”

Teaser Thursday- Christmas Consummation


“You’re quiet,” Rance said. “Alanna? Are you okay?”

“Just wondering why I came back to this damn town.” She gave him a faint smile. “Sorry. I got sucked into mental bullshit for a minute there.”

“Have you seen your parents?” Rance asked.

During their friendship, Alanna had told him everything about her parents and her place in their lives. Of course he wouldn’t have forgotten. She wished he had though. The last thing she wanted right now was a sob-fest about her crappy family.

“I stopped by yesterday when I got to town,” she said. “My father isn’t doing so well and my mother wouldn’t let me into the house. They don’t know if it’s Alzheimer’s or senility. Dad won’t go to a doctor and Mom won’t let a doctor see him at home because it might upset him. I guess they have nurses but that’s all.”

Tears welled and she squeezed her eyes shut to keep herself from crying. Before either guy said anything, she spoke. “Tonight’s supposed to be about sex and fun, not depressing family shit. Can we please change the subject?”

“We’re your friends,” Ellery said. “We want to help you. There’s nothing wrong with needing to talk.”

“We’re here for you.” Rance snuggled against her on the opposite side from Ellery. “This is about bringing back our friendship. Not only the sex and the fun, though I won’t deny those are awesome. Tonight’s about us.”

The guys’ words touched Alanna’s heart. She gave up trying to keep herself together, but when she began to cry it was more from happiness than angst. Rance and Ellery were there for her. She couldn’t express how much that meant to her.

Tears ran down her cheeks and she sniffled. “Thank you. Both of you. I’m sorry. I’m wrecking this.”

Ellery brought his palm down lightly on her thigh. “Don’t apologize for something you aren’t doing. We’re good. We kind of plunged into this whole thing tonight and didn’t have time to talk about much. It’s okay if you need to vent.”

“Absolutely.” Rance gathered her into his arms and kissed her cheek. “That’s what friends are for. Even naked ones.”

Alanna couldn’t help laughing through her tears. “Yeah, naked friends are pretty awesome.”

Ellery brushed his fingers over her cheek. “Even when you’re sad, you’re beautiful. Do you know that?”

“Thanks.” She smiled at him. “I’d rather not be sad anymore. I can deal with parental drama tomorrow. Right now I’m here with two naked men and only one of them has come. I’m ready to continue if you are.”

Although she said it casually, she wrestled with herself inside. Regardless of how hard she tried, she couldn’t simply switch off the pain talking about her parents always brought. She had to shove it back down into the depths of her mind and let Rance and Ellery help her think of happier things for a while.

For tonight she would focus on them. In everything they’d done so far, their affection had been obvious. She wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else tonight. She took both men’s hands. “I’m glad you’re here.”

Teaser Thursday- The Alpha’s Bride

AlphasBride 200

Tareth tried and failed to hold Justin’s gaze. His brown eyes showed nothing other than love and concern, but she feared once her words sank in, that would change.

They’d only been together since September. Their relationship had progressed at warp speed, from barely speaking in the subway each morning to dating to fucking in the span of less than a week. And they’d moved in together shortly after the death of Justin’s close friend Chal Torres. The death which had forced Justin to take leadership of the largest werewolf pack in the northeastern United States.

Because of Justin’s role in the pack, when Tareth had first begun to suspect her pregnancy, she hadn’t told him. He had too much responsibility in his life already. Along with becoming Alpha of the City Pack, Justin had taken over running the international shipping company Chal had owned. His second and third in command were constantly at each other’s throats, leaving Justin to mediate while keeping the rest of the pack from finding out about the conflict among their leaders.

The last thing he needed was to learn that the woman he’d known only three months was carrying their child.

They’d been careless in the early days. Tareth hadn’t been on birth control, and at least twice, they’d forgone condoms during sex. She’d known the risk and hadn’t cared. Justin had said he didn’t either. She should have known better than to take such a chance, and now it was too late to change it.

Now they were both stuck. And while part of her loved the idea of giving her lover—her mate, although Justin and some of his pack had told her they’d never heard of a human being a werewolf’s true mate before—the child he could never have had with a female werewolf, she was afraid he would leave her when he found out.

Holding her breath, she tried to stop tears from running down her face. Crying was manipulative, or so her parents had taught her. She couldn’t let Justin think she was trying to manipulate him into staying.

Spotlight on Erzabet Bishop

The first Breathless Press spotlight today is author Erzabet Bishop, and her new book Holidays in Hell. Welcome!


Deck the halls with all things kinky. Jonas is an incubus with an incurable lust for gingerbread and holiday lights. When he finds himself falling for Holly Pendleton, the woman he has marked as the final soul to end his contract, he faces a heart wrenching decision: take what he needs to feed his hunger or sacrifice himself for the woman who has lit his own demonic soul on fire. Tied up with red ribbons, Holly just might be Jonas’s deepest Christmas wish and the one woman who could set him free.


“It’s twisted.” Mallory sniped, her tone coolly disapproving. Grabbing Jonas by the arm, they trudged down the main street of the Old Towne shopping district, dodging tourists and rabid consumers on a mission.


“You’ve lost your mind completely. Here? At a shopping mall? Seriously?”

“Why not? It’s not like they’ll even notice.” Jonas glanced in Mallory’s direction and stared after the white coat of a woman he’d just seen in the crowd. It was strange, but it almost seemed like she was following them. Jonas didn’t care. He stuffed the panic down and resumed his vigil. Somewhere out there was his last conquest. He just had to find her.

Holiday music piped through the air and the smell of chestnuts roasting wafted toward the crowd. The Carver Hills Old Towne Winter Carnival was in full force and it warmed Jonas’s soul to see it. Throwing caution to the wind, he let out another burst of energy and sent it spiraling into the crowd. What could it hurt? He was here on a shopping expedition of his own, and it wasn’t for the latest transforming doll or gadget. Nope. Lust was his mission. He was hungry.

“Because…” Mallory’s voice trailed off as she patted the squirming dog in her purse. Terrance yipped and gave an indignant growl. Stuffed into a red sweater, the little black Chihuahua looked absolutely miserable.

“Oh my God, Jonas. Why do you have to always pick the toughest crowd? It’s a needle in a haystack.”

“You’re entitled to your opinion. I, for one, am going to check things out and find something, or someone, to eat.” Jonas’s lips curved up in a smile at Mallory’s irritated and completely unladylike snort.

“Mallory, if I want a cheeseburger I’ll go to a drive-through. I want something a little more substantial. And that means I’m going to have to work for it, okay?”

She stared at him, a mutinous look on her face. Terrance yipped and she reached down absently to pet him. He shook, trying to curl himself into a ball inside Mallory’s large gold purse but having a hard time.

“You’d better get him in out of the cold. The little guy’s shaking like a leaf.”

“He’s fine,” she snapped.

“Okay. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when his little bladder decides it’s time to void all over your cell.”

“Ugh! Jonas. That’s disgusting. Terrence wouldn’t do that, would you, honey?” Mallory reached down and gave the dog a kiss on the top of his smooth black head.

The dog whined and shook.

“Go on, Mal. I’ll be fine.” Please. So I can get down to business.

He knew what he wanted. Lust was, after all, his personal vice of the seven deadlies. It really didn’t matter the form. It was usually sex that got people into trouble, but any old lust would do. And right now, he wanted to indulge in a little proclivity of his own. If Mallory would leave him the hell alone, that is. The need was there and it was clawing at his gut relentlessly. But so was the desire to revel in the holidays. If things went badly, it would be his last ride on the bus, so to speak. He didn’t want to miss a thing.

This was his most favorite time of year. Christmas. Twinkling lights. Tacky reindeer yard ornaments. Tinsel. Garlands. Ah, the things you could do with a garland. A little tricky rope work and a willing partner and you had yourself your own little bondage Christmas carol. A happy smile tilted up the corner of his mouth. It was funny as Hell, really. A lust demon with a fetish for Christmas ornaments.

Erzabet Bishop Author Pic

About the author:

Erzabet Bishop has been crafting stories since she could pound keys on her parents’ old typewriter. She has only just learned that it is a whole lot more fun writing naughty books.

Although she is new to Breathless Press, she is a contributing author to several websites and magazines and has an extremely impressive backlist of more than 50 books, articles and short stories and was also a finalist for the GCLS 2014 awards in two separate categories. She will be releasing several new titles through Breathless Press in the coming months.


She lives in Texas with her husband and furry children, and can often be found lurking in local bookstores. She loves to bake, make naughty crochet projects, and watch monster movies.

When she isn’t writing, she loves to review music and books.

Follow her reviews and posts on Twitter @erzabetbishop.


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Winter Warm-Up

Young couple embracing

Happy Friday! I’m taking part for the next few days in the Winter Warm-Up Blog Hop, in which you have the chance to win a variety of prizes from over a hundred amazing romance authors… or even the grand prize of a $75 Amazon gift card! Just visit the Rafflecopter linked at the end of this post for your chance to win, and click on the blog hop link at the end to go to the complete list of participating authors. (After you read this post, hopefully!)

For some people, Christmas is a very romantic time of year. Choosing the right gift for the one you love, seeing their smile when they open it. Cuddling and keeping each other warm (if Christmas is during the winter where you live) or spending time out in the sun if it’s summer in your area.

A lot of romance authors do Christmas or holiday stories to share with their readers, and I’m no exception. My two werewolf series, Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat and Men of City Pack, each have a Christmas novella included. I have a pair of Christmas stories posted on my Free Reads page here on this site, and this year, I have a menage Christmas story available from Ellora’s Cave. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone for the holidays is love.

I’m giving away three prizes: PDF copies of Tofurkey and Yams (male/male; the Real Werewolves Christmas story); The Alpha’s Bride (male/female, the Men of City Pack Christmas story), and Christmas Consummation (MFM menage). To enter, leave a comment below telling me the best gift you’ve ever given to the one you love.

After that, please visit to see which other authors are participating in the hop. And click below if you’d like to enter the Rafflecopter for the hop’s grand prize!

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Teaser Thursday- The Alpha’s Bride

AlphasBride 200


Carefully, Justin carried Tareth into the bedroom and set her down on the queen-sized bed. He couldn’t take his gaze off her. She was pregnant. With his child. No wonder she’d acted less focused and more tired than usual. He’d sensed something different about her but hadn’t been able to pinpoint it, and he hadn’t wanted to ask. Her feelings had been more easily hurt lately, and the pregnancy explained that as well.

No wonder she’d seemed to glow. He’d heard pregnant women described as “glowing,” but when he’d seen it with Tareth he’d assumed it was just because she was his and he couldn’t help seeing her as beautiful no matter what. That was certainly part of it, but pregnancy explained it as well.

He stood looking down at her, his beautiful mate, and a well of love so strong it almost brought him to his knees rushed through him. She was pregnant. They would have a child together. Nothing could have made him happier.

It wouldn’t be easy raising a child in the midst of a werewolf pack, but they would make it work.

She smiled, though she looked a bit nervous. “Why are you just staring at me?”

“Because I can’t believe you’re carrying our child,” he said. “I didn’t think I could possibly love you any more or find you any more attractive, and I was wrong.”

“Come here and show me instead of just saying it.” She lay back against the pillows and held out her arms.

Justin went to her embrace and lay entwined with her, trying to get closer to her though it wasn’t possible. She held him tightly, and the bond between them grew even stronger than it had been. His eyes watered and he didn’t try to hold back the tears. In front of his pack, an alpha couldn’t afford any display of emotion, but he wasn’t an alpha now.

He was a man who’d just learned he was going to be a father, and he knew no better reason than to feel an overwhelming sense of joy.

Happy Holiday Contest!

‘Tis the season to give things away, so I’m having a contest this week.

CC tree


I’m giving away three prizes today, one each to three different winners. The prizes are PDF copies of, in no particular order, my heterosexual paranormal Christmas novella The Alpha’s Bride, which is related to my Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series; my male/male paranormal Christmas novella Tofurkey and Yams, which is part of my Real Werewolves series; and my new Christmas release Christmas Consummation, which is a heterosexual contemporary novella.

I’ll draw the winners at random (I use the online Fruits Machine site) on Thursday, December 18 at noon Eastern time. To enter, comment below telling me what you would do for the holidays if you had ten thousand dollars to spend.


Spotlight on Ivy Bateman

Today’s first Breathless Press spotlight is on author Ivy Bateman and her new book The Art of Falling Forever. Welcome!


A chaste kiss on the cheek leads to the discovery of a lifetime.

Even though Eilam has always been part of her world, Amy never thought of him as more than her mother’s friend. One night, after rehearsal for the town’s Christmas Pageant, Eilam reveals that not only is there more to him than Amy had ever imagined, but that together they could be the next chapter in a story that has played out in her family for over 2000 years.

While struggling to cope with the death of her mother and the responsibility of being in charge of the biggest even of the year, Amy must decide whether her future lies with her estranged boyfriend Troy or the enigmatic Eilam.


The doorbell chimed, causing Amy to nearly jump out of her skin. She glanced at the clock. It was almost five, which meant that it could only be Eilam and he was now the last person she wanted to see. Tracy demanding she explain her new attitude, Troy begging her to take him back—either scenario would have been preferable to what waited for her on the other side of her front door.

The bell chimed again, followed by insistent knocking. “Amara, I know you’re in there. If you don’t open the door I will be forced to break it down which, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, would blow my cover.”

Amy smiled a little. He somehow knew that she’d discovered the truth. She remembered his voice on the phone, his suspicious tone. He must have guessed or known she would soon be on a path of discovery. But how? She touched her cheek. Of course, the kiss.

“Please let me in. There’s so much you need to know.”

Amy pushed herself to standing, taking the box of secrets with her. She placed it on the table in the living room and then went to the front door. She opened it, slowly and cautiously, blocking Eilam’s immediate entry with her body.

“Amara, please don’t be afraid.”

“Why not? You give me so much to be afraid of, being a shapeshifter, or whatever it is you are, who haunts the women in my family. I think you should go.”

“No, I’m not going to go. Not until you’ve given me a chance to explain myself. I don’t mean to be firm with you, but please let me in.”

Amy looked at his beaten fedora, his crinkled coat, his bright blue eyes, and his wispy white eyebrows. There was nothing malicious in his demeanor and yet he was changed. He seemed older in a seen a lot of time kind of way, and stronger too. She couldn’t help feeling he was now a stranger, but Amy had to trust her mother would not let her be in the presence of a madman.



When she was just nine, this girl began her journey for a life on the stage. Attempts were made, classes were taken, lessons were well learned but, at the end of the day, a decision to live life off the stage was made. But all was not lost. While at college she met the love of her life and his support and strength has helped her to see that she has talent waiting around many corners.

When the stage beckons, she answers its call, and her new passion for writing has enhanced many of her theatre dreams and as well as the occasional book, she now occasionally writes a play.

The love of her life generously reads everything she writes and although he may not always be her muse, he is always her biggest fan.

The Art of Falling Forever is Ivy’s sixth release with Breathless press. Between the Lines, Ivy’s first Breathless Press release was released in January, 2012. This was followed by The Fifth Story in September, 2012, Baby, You’re Cold Inside in December, 2012, Christmas Eve Surprise in December, 2013 and I’ll Call You Alice in August, 2014 that was released on its and as part of the anthology Wonderland Tales.

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Release Week! Christmas Consummation

It’s the holiday season, which means ’tis the season of Christmas-themed romance stories. Ellora’s Cave decided this year to do a menage theme for Christmas, and before a few other things happened, I wrote a story for it. Menage is kind of my thing lately… not so much about the sex, but about the dynamics of having more than two people involved in a relationship.

I also have a soft spot for reunion stories, so that’s what I ended up writing. In Christmas Consummation, Alanna reluctantly returns to her hometown for Christmas and encounters the two men she loved in high school. Back then, Rance was one of her oldest friends, and Ellery was the “new kid”. Alanna was in love with both of them, but when they wanted her to choose between them, she chose to have neither.

Seventeen years have passed. Alanna and Rance have both been married and divorced. Ellery has never married. When they reunite at a bar a couple days before Christmas, it’s obvious to all three that old feelings haven’t died. And this time, Rance and Ellery are mature enough to understand and accept that Alanna can’t choose, and Alanna is confident enough to try a relationship with both men.

Christmas Consummation releases Wednesday from Ellora’s Cave.