Teaser Thursday- Thunder

This is from my erotica short story, available in the Coming Together: Through the Storm anthology. WARNING: Very explicit language.



one of her best shirts, and she didn’t want to ruin it even in the heat of the moment.

Before she could unfasten her black lace bra, Jason reached around her and with one hand undid the clasp. He slid the bra straps down Celeste’s arms and tossed the bra aside.

Her nipples stiffened again and her pussy grew wet. The hunger with which he gazed at her would have scared her if she hadn’t felt exactly the same way.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

He didn’t touch her, but his gaze was almost tangible on her skin. She tingled in anticipation of those hands and his tongue on her bare body, barely managing to keep herself from begging him to give her what she needed.

She hadn’t felt this excited and turned on in far too long. She owed Gina a thank you for taking her to the bar that night. She just hoped Gina wasn’t pissed at her for leaving with Jason.

But that was something to worry about later. Right now, she was nude in front of a total stranger, and rather than feeling awkward or nervous, she was desperate to be fucked.

Thunder growled and Jason echoed it. Celeste wasn’t sure whether he knew he’d made the noise, and it both worried and thrilled her.

He quickly stripped off his jeans and tight black T-shirt and dropped them on the floor. His chest was muscled and well-defined. No hair at all was visible on his torso or around his cock and balls.

His cock was fully hard against his abdomen, and Celeste’s mouth watered as she looked at his glistening cock head.

“Do what you want,” he said. “You’ve told me all of it. What should we do first?”

“How long do we have?” She hadn’t intended to ask the question, but it was something they hadn’t established. For all she knew, he had family to get home to. He had told her nothing about himself other than his name.

“As long as you want.” He rested his hands on her shoulders and smiled. “I can stay an hour or the night. Whatever you want from me. I will leave when you tell me to, but not until then.”

Celeste nodded and before she could ask another needless question, she cupped the back of his head and pulled him down to her for another searing kiss.

This time she pushed her tongue between his lips, and he moaned against her mouth and gripped one of her breasts so tightly it hurt. She didn’t care. His touch was exactly what she needed. He thumbed her nipple as he had before, and she gasped as a jolt shot through her from that touch straight to her core.

Straight to her wet, aching cunt.

She moved sideways toward the bed and he followed. A flash of lightning lit the room again, with another one and a loud crash on its heels. They fell together onto the bed, on their sides with their bodies together.

New Anthology Release!

Okay, it actually released back on January 11, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about it until now, because I’m disorganized like that…

Coming Together: Through the Storm is the latest of a long line of Coming Together anthologies. Each anthology benefits a specific charity organization, and some really excellent authors have contributed their talents over the years.

This is my first time contributing to one, and I’m thrilled to be part of it. Coming Together: Through the Storm is an anthology of weather-related erotica, and all sales benefit Mercy Corps, which provides relief efforts for hurricanes and typhoons.

I saw the call for submissions back in November, just in time to write a story during my short story self-challenge that month, and my brain took “weather-related erotica” to a completely different place. In my story, “Thunder,” the heroine brings home a guy for a one-night stand, and a thunderstorm happens outside while they fuck.

A thunderstorm caused by the guy, who has the psychic power to control weather.

I wrote this before I’d decided to focus on contemporary romance under the Karenna Colcroft name; if I’d thought of it, I would have asked that the story be published under my new Kara Costegan pen name. But since I didn’t think that one through, it’s a Karenna Colcroft story, and I’ll share an excerpt from it on Thursday.

You can find Coming Together: Through the Storm on All Romance Ebooks, and you can find out more about this and other Coming Together anthologies on the Coming Together website.