Special Guest Evelyn Aster

Welcome guest Evelyn Aster today, here to talk about her contribution to the Spellbound Treasures universe created at Jupiter Gardens Press. Evelyn’s book takes place in one of my favorite cities, Albuquerque, New Mexico, which I got to visit in 2012 for GayRomLit. Thanks for stopping by!

Romantic Settings

            Hello lovely readers. I’m Evelyn Aster, the author of Through the Paintings. Many thanks to Karenna for welcoming me to her blog today.

When you plan a special date for you and your partner, I imagine where it will be is one of the first things on your mind. At home with romantic music and candle light? In the park with a picnic? Up in the mountains far away so no one sees what you’re doing with your partner out in the open under the afternoon sun?

Setting is just as important for the romance writer. We want the reader to be taken to a special place. Sometimes it’s a magical world dreamed up entirely by the author, or sometimes it’s a real place the author enchants with words. Either way, we want it to be unforgettable.

Traveling to the southwest is really unlike anywhere else in the US. The landscape is alternately cactus and tumbleweeds, red clay mesas and rivers that could use several days of rain showers to make them look like anything other than a stream. In Albuquerque, NM, where Through the Paintings is set, history mixes with modern life in the tourist place called Old Town Plaza. My main characters own a gallery and cafe next to each other, but they care much more about falling in love than running their businesses.


Albuquerque is home of the mañana attitude: tomorrow, tomorrow. People who live by check lists and corporate or social ladders get frustrated if they move to Albuquerque, but there is no better place to let romance grow slowly and bloom like a desert flower. Of course, Through the Paintings is a Spellbound Treasure book, so it also goes some place magical—a place filled with pixies and an enchantress trying to split up the couple before they’ve gone much further than wistful good mornings over coffee.

Where is your favorite romantic getaway? Where do you take your partner when you want to be intimate? If you’re looking for someplace new or exotic, spend some time this afternoon lost in a story. I looked out of your office and your boss is busy in a meeting, and your baby will be asleep for another hour, and your partner will be home after buying you flowers. Enjoy 🙂

Evelyn Aster