Teaser Thursday- Vengeance Is Sweet


The entire Ruiz house was dark. I doubted Alex had gone to bed so early, and my instincts told me he and Keeley hadn’t left the building. There should have been light. I opened my mouth to call their names.

Ghast put his hand over my face. “Silence,” he whispered.

Frantic to find Alejandro and Keeley, I struggled against his grasp and then realized he was right. Whoever had caused this might still be there.

When I relaxed enough to focus, I sensed at least two demons and an unfamiliar presence which might have been an angel, though without the usual angelic aura of good. If we detected them, they likely had detected us. Still, if we didn’t speak, they might have more difficulty finding us.

Down the hall, I heard a faint whimper. Keeley. Screw any bad guys who might have been nearby. I had to protect the child. Without waiting for Ghast, I hurried toward the sound. He followed.

The pitch blackness of Keeley’s room came from more than a mere lack of electric light. It was the total absence of light of any kind, other than a small spark in one corner of the room, which I realized came from Keeley.

My heart would have stopped if I’d had one. That spark was no match for the darkness. And in this room, I sensed more than three presences, none of which had Keeley’s best interests in mind.

Angels visited the child. So where the Heaven are they? Jochiel and his pals had sworn to protect her, and the fuckers, excuse me, the idiots had evidently fallen down on the job. Although at least one of the presences had an angelic nature, I doubted it was one of the ones Keeley had mentioned. She hadn’t been afraid of those angels. Her fear of this one permeated the entire room.

A piece of darkness turned toward me and snarled, “Leave.”

“Not a chance.” I sounded pretty darn brave for someone who didn’t even have the power to defend herself. “She hasn’t done anything to you. She’s only a child. You tried to take her once and failed. Leave her alone.”

“Omara?” Keeley whimpered.

“I’m here.” I waved even though I knew she couldn’t see me and took a step toward the bed, hoping I wouldn’t trip. All I could see was her tiny spark.

“Not for long,” the darkness said. A bolt of deeper blackness shot toward me. I ducked and it missed, hitting the wall. The force of it shook the entire house.

Good thing I’d ducked.

“Omara!” Keeley cried.

From another room came the sound of Alex’s voice. “Keeley!”

“I’m okay,” I said.

I refused to leave Keeley, but I desperately wanted to make sure Alex hadn’t been hurt. Thinking Ghast might find out for me, I opened my mouth to call out to him.

I stopped myself. While the others had sensed me, I wasn’t sure they realized Ghast had accompanied me. I didn’t want to clue them in.

I took another step toward the small light. Greater darkness obscured it.

“The child is ours,” another piece of darkness hissed. “You cannot help her.”

“Want to bet?” I needed to shift to my true form. Scaring Keeley didn’t worry me. She wouldn’t be able to see me anyway, and even if she did, saving her mattered too much. I doubted I would frighten her more than what had already occurred.

Concentrating as hard as possible, I tried to shift. Maybe I had some last residue of power.

It didn’t work.

Teaser Thursday- With Every Touch


The cool, soft sheet and pillowcase were unfamiliar to Erich. So was the female body next to him.

Lying on his back, Erich opened his eyes and took a few breaths. The sheet and pillowcase belonged to Sheila, who was curled up on her side facing away from him, her back resting lightly against him.

Morning light came through the edges of the blinds Sheila had closed over the windows. Erich couldn’t see Sheila’s alarm clock on her side of the bed, but it was definitely past six, judging from the light.

He wasn’t good at waking up quickly. His brain was having trouble catching up with the rest of him. His cock had no such difficulty. It was morning-hard, and he was horny.

Sheila’s silhouette beneath the sheet was very appealing. I could wake her. Morning sex is fun even with morning breath. Hell, at least we’d both have it.

Before he could let himself touch her, he rolled over to the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor. He’d promised Sheila nothing had to happen between them. He was there because she needed comfort, not because she wanted to get laid.

“Where are you going?” Sheila asked softly.

Startled, Erich looked over his shoulder. She was facing him now, the sheet draped over her breasts. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were slightly puffy.

She looked absolutely fucking gorgeous.

“I just need to use the bathroom.” As soon as he said it, it was true. “I’ll be right back. I’m not leaving until you tell me it’s time to go.”

“Okay.” She gave him a sleepy little smile. “I’ll be here.”

Erich stumbled across the hall to the bathroom, did what he needed to do, and washed his hands. He considered brushing his teeth but didn’t want to use Sheila’s toothbrush. That would have been too intimate. Of course he hadn’t anticipated spending the night, so he had nothing with him except the clothes he wore and his shorts.

When he returned to the bedroom, Sheila still lay under the sheet. Her pajamas were in a small pile on the floor beside the bed.

Her smile this time was less sleepy. “Good morning.”

“Looks like it’s going to be.” He grinned and stripped off his shirt and boxers. His morning wood had deflated in the bathroom, but now his cock returned to full hardness. He knew what she looked like under the sheet.

He wanted to just take her but held back. The night before, she had told him sex was the last thing she needed. Maybe she felt better after a sound sleep, but he wanted to make sure she was all right. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“Horny,” she purred. “Come here.”

If she wanted him, he wasn’t about to argue. She was too sexy. But he had made a promise.

He sat on the edge of the bed. “Are you sure?”

“Completely.” She frowned. “Are you seriously going to just sit there with a naked woman beside you? Touch me, Erich. Kiss me. Fuck me.”

Teaser Thursday- Veggie Burgers to Go


After Saul, only four names remained on Zane’s list. Of course, he didn’t call the names of the guests. We weren’t important enough.

“We have much business to conduct today,” Zane said. “We will meet for approximately two hours each session, with breaks between for food and any other needs. Alphas, remember that our cardinal rule is respect. Each other, yourselves, and me. Those of you who have accompanied your alphas to this meeting, please remain silent unless asked to speak.”

A few minutes of bureaucratic procedural stuff followed. I zoned out. I dealt with enough of that kind of thing at work, since my boss seemed to think he should run meetings according to some old rulebook or something. Besides, if I wouldn’t be allowed to speak, there wasn’t much point in my knowing how the meeting would be conducted.

There was some discussion among the alphas about the bureaucratic stuff. Then they actually started the business part of the meeting. “To begin, we have a new pack to formally recognize,” Zane said. “Tobias Rogan, Alpha of the Boston North Pack, please stand.”

Tobias did. There was a little grumbling in the peanut gallery. Apparently the decision to recognize our pack as legitimate didn’t meet with everyone’s approval. None of the alphas made a sound, but I had the feeling that was mostly because Zane had told them not to.

“Tobias Rogan, for over a century the Boston North Pack has existed as a subset of the City Pack,” Zane said. “You have been indulged with the allowance of attending these meetings as alpha; however, officially you have not until this point been alpha of your own pack. As Arkhon of the Northeast Region, I now confer upon your pack official status, and confer upon you the official title of Alpha of the Boston North Pack, pending the approval of the majority of your peers.”

Of course it couldn’t be as easy as Zane just saying it was so. Even though he had the power to do just that, evidently he ran the region the same way Tobias ran our pack. As a modified democracy. Zane doubtless would have final say, but he preferred to put things to a vote.

I just hoped that wouldn’t bite us on the ass.

“Thank you, Arkhon.” Tobias bowed his head. “I am honored to have my pack thus considered, and I await the word of my peers.”

Both Zane’s words and Tobias’s were clearly part of some ceremony. As Zane had said when he’d greeted us, a lot of things in the shifter world seemed to be ceremonial. I didn’t know if knowledge of the right words came with being an alpha or if they had to rehearse, though I hadn’t heard Tobias practicing any lines. And I’d certainly spent enough time around him lately.

“Alphas of the Northeast Region.” Zane turned his attention from Tobias to look at each of the other alphas in turn. “The Boston North Pack has run under its own leadership for many years, since before City Pack existed. Rather than subsuming the smaller pack, when City Pack arrived its alpha reached an agreement with Boston North’s to allow coexistence. Throughout the changes of alpha which have occurred in both packs, that agreement has remained intact. As Arkhon and as wolf, I believe it is now time to formally acknowledge this pact and grant Tobias Rogan and his pack official status among you. Who agrees?”

The “yeas” which rang through the room sounded like they came from most of the alphas present, judging from the volume. I couldn’t help grinning. I’d been worried, but apparently I had nothing to worry about.

“And those who disagree?” Zane said.

Several of the alphas said, “Nay.” Their voices were nowhere near as loud as the agreements had been.

“Then it is agreed,” Zane declared. “The Boston North Pack hereby is recognized as autonomous and legitimate by the alphas of the Northeast Region. Tobias Rogan hereby is officially instated as Alpha of the Boston North Pack.”

“You can’t be serious!”

I recognized the voice, and wasn’t a bit surprised to hear it. Saul.

“Saul Hughes, Alpha of the Erie Pack, rise and state your complaint,” Zane said. “And remember that we respect each other in this room.”

Saul stood. He was broad-shouldered, with a dull brown crewcut that stood out against the long hair worn by almost all of the other alphas. With his back to me, I couldn’t tell much more about him than that. Not that I wanted to know any more about him.

“I apologize for my outburst, Arkhon.” Saul’s apology sounded anything but sincere. “I am concerned about placing a new pack under the rule of an alpha as weak as Tobias.”

A hand went up, and Zane nodded at its owner, whom I couldn’t see until he stood. It was Chal. “The Boston North Pack is not new,” he said. “It has existed longer than my own pack, as the Arkhon just stated. Tobias has been its alpha for over three decades, and he has ruled well, as I can attest since his territory is nearly within my own. He has shown no sign of weakness.”

“He claims a man as his mate.” Disgust pretty much dripped from Saul’s words.

“And that is weakness?” Zane raised an eyebrow.

“I believe so,” Saul said. “I don’t believe anyone who engages in such behavior is fit to govern a pack, and I will not stand for it occurring now.”

“So much for respecting each other,” I muttered to Suzannah, forgetting about the hyper-hearing.

“Silence among the guests,” Zane said, the ring of compulsion in his tone. I discovered that his compulsion had no more effect on me than Tobias’s usually did, but I shut up anyway.

“You have no choice but to stand for it, Saul.” Tobias’s expression and voice gave no indication that Saul’s comments bothered him. “The alphas have voted and have accepted my pack and me. It is done.”

“It is done,” Zane agreed.

“No fucking queer is going to run a pack.”

Teaser Thursday- Knot Intended


NOTE: This story is about a married couple who *roleplay* the wife being kidnapped and forced. Joseph is her husband, playing the ROLE of a kidnapper. Everything occurring in the story and in the following scene is completely consensual.


No matter what happened for the rest of the evening, having Joseph look at her as if she were the most important thing in the universe would be worth it.

It would be even better when he finally did something to get her off. Waiting for his next move was sheer torture. She wanted to beg for him to touch her, kiss her, anything at all to give her some relief from the craving and need that left her skin tingling and her pussy tight and ready.

Tormenting her was almost certainly what Joseph intended. He was trying to get her to tell him she wanted him. That was why he had barely touched her so far. He knew the signs of her arousal. He couldn’t have missed how turned on she was. And he didn’t want to give her what she desired unless she begged. But a captive wouldn’t ask for her kidnapper’s hands and cock, so Nolie held back.

Finally he walked over to her and stood so close she could reach the bulge in his pants. “Looking a little anxious there, slut. Is there a problem?”

Nolie shook her head. She refused to reply. He’d ordered her not to ask for anything else. In this game, she should have been pleading with him to get away from her, regardless of what she really wanted.

“You aren’t waiting for me to do this, are you?” He cupped her breasts in his hands and massaged her nipples with his thumbs as he bent and brushed his lips against the spot below her earlobe that always drove her wild. Before Nolie could stop herself, she moaned. Joseph chuckled and squeezed her breast so hard it took her breath away.

He gave her a smug grin. “Oh, so you do like that, don’t you, slut?”

Nolie couldn’t answer. She was sure any words she tried to speak would come out as another moan. After waiting so long, she was so aroused she felt as if she might come from only his hands on her breasts.

Joseph didn’t seem to expect a response. He cupped both hands around her breasts more gently and thumbed her hard nipples. Gasping, Nolie tensed. Joseph released her and stepped back. “You want your tits played with, huh? Even by a stranger? Even by someone who brought you here against your will?”

Nolie pressed her lips together and focused her gaze on the floor. He was her captor. If she admitted she liked what he was doing, he might be pissed off enough to stop. Of course, Joseph probably knew exactly what she was feeling, but he would pretend not to, and Nolie had to keep up the fiction as well. Even if it was so difficult she wanted to scream.

She shook her head then reconsidered and nodded. There was no correct answer to his questions, and not answering at all might be worse.

Joseph sneered. “No, you don’t like it, or yes, you do? Or you don’t have a fucking clue? Sweet, innocent little slut, you can’t admit you want this, can you?”

He squeezed her breasts again. This time Nolie managed to stifle her gasp. Joseph looked disappointed but said only, “Nice tits. I wonder what you’d do if I tried to suck on them. These nipples of yours are pretty much begging for it.”

Nolie smiled at the thought of nipples begging and immediately set her expression back to as close to neutral as she could. Smiling wasn’t a good thing.


Teaser Thursday- Stepping Stone Not Doormat

“You’re going out with him?” On the other end of the phone, Mitch’s voice rose. “How can you go out with him?”

Solara held the phone away from her ear and took a deep breath. Mitch was looking out for her. That was all. Even if it pissed her off, his heart was in the right place.

She sank onto her couch and propped her feet on the coffee table. “If I’d known you were going to act like this, I wouldn’t have told you.”

“He hurt you,” Mitch said more quietly.

“Yeah. In the past.” Solara closed her eyes. If Mitch hadn’t called to invite her to spend the day with him while Hunter was at work, they wouldn’t be having this conversation. Usually when Mitch needed company for the day, she was there. But today, she couldn’t be, and he’d demanded to know why.

She should have known he wouldn’t react well to hearing she was giving Navon a chance.

“Right, and if someone hurts you, they’ll hurt you again.”

“I don’t know that,” Solara said, trying to keep the anger out of her tone. “That’s why I’m spending the day with him. He wants another chance. It’s been fifteen years since he fucked me over. Fifteen years is a long frigging time. People change. I sure as hell have.”

“So what if he’s changed?” Mitch snapped. “What are you going to do, move him in with you?”

“Whoa. Stop right there.” If Mitch didn’t keep his mouth shut, Solara would completely lose her shit. He had no right or reason to be jealous. The couch wasn’t his bed anymore. He had a home with Hunter. A life with Hunter, and Solara hadn’t begrudged him that for a single second. She deserved the same respect from him.

Mitch didn’t say a word, but Solara could hear him breathing heavily. He didn’t do confrontation well. Even though he’d started it, he was probably afraid of what she might say or do to him for standing up to her.

He had guts. She would give him that. A couple of months earlier, he wouldn’t have dared to speak to her this way.

Once she was sure she could sound calm, she said, “You’re trying to protect me. I get it, and I appreciate it. But this is a case where I have to make my own decision. If it bites me in the ass, so be it. I can handle it. What I can’t handle is wondering what if, and that’s something I’ve been wondering for a decade and a half. What if things had gone differently between him and me? This is my chance to find out.”

“He might hurt you again,” Mitch said in a small voice.

“He might. Or I might hurt him again. Or maybe neither of us will hurt the other.” She hesitated. If Mitch was reacting this way just to the news that Solara had a date with Navon, she could only imagine how he would respond to hearing about Navon’s planned move. But that was the reason for the date, and maybe Mitch would understand that.

“He’s thinking about moving out here,” she said. “He doesn’t know anyone else in the city. I want to see if we can at least get along enough to be friends. Maybe more, maybe not, but at least that.”

She stopped again as a realization came to her. Mitch had never been jealous of other men when it came to Solara, and maybe he wasn’t jealous now. Maybe he was afraid she wouldn’t have time for him anymore with Navon in the picture, the same way he always feared she would abandon him like most of the other people in his life.

That fear was something she could address. “And it doesn’t mean you’re going to lose me, boo. No matter what Navon is or isn’t to me, you’re my family, and that isn’t changing.”

“Okay.” Mitch sounded relieved. “You’re my family too. That’s why I want you to be okay.”

“I know.” Solara sighed, wishing again she hadn’t told Mitch what was going on. “Look, I have to go get ready. He’s going to be here in a few minutes. I’ll try to give you a call later, but don’t worry if I don’t. I might not have a chance until tomorrow.”

“Yeah, if you’re naked, I don’t want you calling.”

Teaser Thursday- With Every Touch

(Releasing spring 2015 from Loose Id.)

Sheila nibbled at the bits of lobster in her sandwich and forced back her tears. She’d left her hometown as soon as she had graduated college, twelve years earlier, and she hadn’t looked back since. She didn’t need to think about it now, and she definitely didn’t need to think about Jack.

After moving to Portland, she’d gotten help to deal with the emotional scars Jack had left. She hadn’t been able to do anything about the physical ones, and even with therapy, some of the emotional ones lingered.

But the relationship and abuse were in the past now, and she wanted to focus on her present. She wasn’t even sure why she had brought it up to Erich. Part of her was surprised he hadn’t walked away. Most guys didn’t want to deal with a woman who’d been damaged the way she had.

Most guys didn’t even earn enough of her trust to hear about her life before Portland, but something about Erich encouraged her to let him in.

“These lobster rolls are excellent,” Erich said.

“Yeah.” Sheila glanced at him and saw no judgment, no discomfort.

He took a bite of his sandwich and smiled as he chewed.

He might be a guy worth knowing better. Maybe having around more.

She dismissed the thought immediately. Neither of them wanted a relationship, and she hoped to move to Boston soon. If she repeated that to herself enough times, it might get through. She couldn’t have Erich around her more often than she would spend time with a friend. There was no point in even thinking about it.

She wouldn’t have wanted him to be with her constantly anyway. She didn’t have time or patience for that kind of thing.

“I want to say something to make you smile,” Erich said. “I’m not having much luck thinking of anything.”

“It isn’t your job to entertain me.” She ate another fry. It tasted like cardboard around the lump which had risen through her throat.

“Something hit a nerve.” He held out his hand. Although Sheila wanted the physical contact, she didn’t take it. It would only have given her comfort, which would have been a bad thing when she was so close to losing her cool.

Erich hesitated a moment before resting his hand on the table. “I don’t know if it was something I said or something you said. Either way, it happened while we were talking, and I want to help.”

“I don’t want to spill my sordid past.” She twisted her mouth in something that felt close enough to a smile and took a sip of her soda. “No issue. Memories are crap sometimes, but the good thing is they’re in the past. I want to think about now.”

“Well right now there’s a hell of a thunderstorm going on outside.” A crash of thunder punctuated his words. “You’re not looking at the lightning. It’s pretty spectacular.”

Sheila turned to the window just as a bolt of forked lightning shot from the clouds to the surface of the water. It was beautiful and exciting, and she couldn’t help smiling. “God, I love that! I wish I was out there.”

“You might get struck,” Erich pointed out.

“Stop being reasonable.” She stuck out her tongue at him and he laughed. So did she. Something about thunderstorms, the power, the electricity in the air and the beauty of the lightning, had always lifted her mood. Now she was able to dismiss the tears and memories. They couldn’t stand up to the crashing thunder and pounding waves.

She wanted to be outside. It was pouring rain hard enough that the water looked like sheets running down the window, and judging from how closely thunder followed on the heels of each lightning bolt, the storm was close to overhead. It didn’t matter. She needed to be outside.

“You want to be out there don’t you?” Erich said softly, his voice almost drowned out by the rain drumming the window. “The storm excites you.”

“Yeah.” Sheila faced the window again. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s turning you on.” Erich chuckled. “Right now you look the way you’ve looked when—well, you know when.”

“Yeah,” she said again. There wasn’t any reason to deny it. Currents ran over her skin, and whether they were caused by the storm or desire the result was the same. Her nipples hardened and her lower body was tight.

She didn’t only want to be out in the storm. She wanted to be there with Erich, soaked and open to him, his cock pounding her as hard as the waves pounded the rocks.

Spotlight on Pelaam

For the second Breathless Press spotlight today, I’m welcoming back author Pelaam, with her new Christmas book, A Touch of the Heart.


Christmas—a time for Santa, elves, and angels. But they don’t exist. Or do they? Alex is about to find out.

Alex loves making Christmas special for the customers who visit his shop, despite his own sadness and loneliness. He employs Michael as his store Santa, and when a young would-be shoplifter, Jackson, is caught, he’s persuaded by Michael to give him a chance. To Alex’s surprise, he’s attracted to Jackson, but he really has no idea how to deal with it.

Will Alex get a touch of the heart from an angel to help him find the love he deserves?


Heading downstairs on Michael’s heels, Alex ignored the curious glances of the gathered crowd. The guard had taken the young man over to Jayne, his senior till operator. The pinched and sour look on Jayne’s face told Alex she, too, had become judge, juror, and executer in regards to the would-be shoplifter. She met Alex’s gaze squarely as he approached.

“It’s all right. Everything’s under control. I’ve told security to call the police. He probably wanted to sell the scarf to get money for drink or drugs.”

An inner voice told Alex that wasn’t the case. Yes, the man had piercings, and tattoos, but that was no reason to make such a sweeping judgment. Especially in front of onlookers. The guilt and sadness in the young man’s eyes were unmissable. This was no seasoned thief. His skin was pale, but blemish-free, and he didn’t strike Alex as someone who did drugs.

Stepping between the guard and Jayne, Alex held up his hand. “Don’t call the police just yet. I haven’t decided whether I need them or not. What’s the story here, Max?”

“Seems this feller thought he didn’t need to pay like everyone else.” The guard shook the young man’s arm. “Spotted him slipping a scarf inside his jacket. Are you sure you don’t want me to call the police? This lady did.” Max indicated Jayne, who glowered at the young man.

“It would teach him a good lesson to be locked up.” Jayne sniffed loudly.

Instinctively, Alex felt certain that was far from the truth. He shook his head. “Not now. Thank you for spotting what happened, Max, but I’d like to speak to him in my office.”

“I’ll hang around.” Max glared at the man as Michael and the would-be shoplifter headed toward the stairs.

“Don’t let him fool you with some sob story,” Jayne called out.

“That won’t be necessary. I can call the police if needed.” Alex glanced over his shoulder and wasn’t surprised to see Jayne, the guard, and a few customers huddled around the till. He shook his head.

Once in his office, Alex sat at his desk with Michael and the stranger opposite him, seated next to each other. He steepled his fingers and leaned forward. “Why don’t you tell us your name to start with?”

“Look, I did it. Just call the cops and get this over, okay? I knew my luck would run out eventually. Don’t drag it out.” The young man’s green-eyed gaze was filled with defeat, and his voice was world-weary. Alex’s heart ached at the despondent tone.



Living in clean, green New Zealand, Pelaam is a best-selling, multipublished author of gay romance and erotic books. When not busy writing, she can be found indulging in her other passions of cookery and wine appreciation.

Pelaam’s book Breath of the Feathered Serpent is a finalist for the 2014 Rainbow Awards in Gay Futuristic/Sci-fi and has been given an Honorable Mention. Bedazzled and Firebird were a combined finalist for the Rainbow Awards in Gay Futuristic/sci-fi 2013.


Pamela Pelaam-One


Teaser Thursday- Just Ask

This is from the short story that new newsletter subscribers receive when they sign up.

Beth yawned. The work week had been far too long and she needed to relax. The soft reddish-brown leather couch had probably not been the best place to sit if she planned to stay awake.

She couldn’t fall asleep, though. Not with Chase sitting only a few feet away. His condo had become as much a home to her as her own apartment, and she was as comfortable with him as she had ever been with anyone, but sleeping with him right beside her would have been rude. She was his company, not his girlfriend.

She hoped that would change someday soon.

“What do you want?” Chase asked.

Beth jumped and opened her eyes. “Sorry. Um, I think I zoned out.”

“I think you fell asleep.” He grinned. “Figures. I have a beautiful woman here and she’s only sleeping with me in the literal sense.”

“I wasn’t sleeping.” Her face heated and she turned to stare at the TV, even though she had completely lost track of the show that was on.

She and Chase had met on an “adult dating” site, where people looked for sex as well as relationships, and he had yet to make any move on her. If she’d had a clue how to initiate something with him, she would have. After years of denying she was interested in sex, and with no sign of interest from Chase, she didn’t know how to even begin.

In her annoyance and half-asleep state, she blurted, “And you don’t want me to sleep with you euphemistically anyway.”

“Who says?” He moved closer to her, smiling. “I don’t remember ever saying that.”

She blinked in surprise. “You’ve never said you do.”

He sighed and backed off. “What do you want? To drink, I mean.”

“Oh.” Evidently he had only been teasing. She should have known there was nothing serious behind his comment. She laughed, playing along despite her disappointment.

She couldn’t decide what to ask for or if she needed a drink at all. It was almost time to leave, and since he hadn’t been to the store lately, he probably didn’t have much in his fridge. After months of the closest friendship she’d ever had with a guy, she knew as much about Chase’s life as her own, and she didn’t want him to go to any trouble for her. “Um, is water okay?”

“Are you telling me or asking?” Chase shook his head. “Seriously, Beth. I have sports drinks, soda, milk, and OJ. What do you want? And don’t ask me, tell me.”

She rolled her eyes. One of Chase’s favorite pastimes was joking about her reluctance to ask for anything. If she hadn’t known better, she would have sworn he did it because he knew it bugged the heck out of her. “Water’s easier.”

“Water is you trying to avoid making a decision.” He stood. “You take what you get if you don’t answer me.”

“I did answer you,” she said.

“You asked me a question. That isn’t an answer.” He gave her the smug grin which always drove her crazy. The combination of arrogance and sex appeal got her every time. “So?”

She sighed. “You can be kind of a jerk sometimes, you know that?”

“And you’re a pain in the ass.” He opened the fridge and took out a can of ginger ale.

Teaser Thursday- Knot Intended



He folded his arms and narrowed his eyes with a fury that made Nolie tremble. “You’re boring the hell out of me, you know that?” Joseph snarled. “All those times I watched you walking around your house, you looked like such a sexy bitch. I thought you’d be fun. That’s why I snatched your hot little ass. But you never shut up. Maybe I should gag you so I don’t have to listen anymore.”

Nolie’s chest tightened, and she shook her head. That was the second time Joseph had mentioned gagging her. This time he sounded as if he truly intended to do so.

She wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. The mere thought of having something in her mouth she hadn’t put there herself turned her stomach. She wanted to scream. Joseph knew how she felt about that, and rationally Nolie doubted Joseph would do anything she wouldn’t accept. But her fear wasn’t rational.

She shook. He simply stood, glaring at her, but when Nolie looked more closely at him she saw concern in his eyes. She took a deep breath and swallowed the lump in her throat. This was a game. She would be fine.

Joseph remained still as if waiting for Nolie to speak. She swallowed again and tried to sound convincing as she begged, “No, please don’t gag me. I wouldn’t be able to breathe.” Her voice broke on the last word, and tears came to her eyes.

She blinked them back. If Joseph saw her crying, he would break his character and become the loving husband again. Right then, that was not what Nolie wanted.

He visibly relaxed. “Fine. You not breathing would be a problem. After all, I wouldn’t want you to pass out before I have my fun with you. So if you don’t want to be gagged, keep your mouth shut unless I tell you different. Got it?”

Nolie opened her mouth to answer, then thought better of it and nodded. Joseph wouldn’t gag her, not after promising not to. But he was so into this character she could no longer be entirely certain what he would do. Her predictable husband had become completely unpredictable.

She loved it.

“Good.” Joseph sounded both pleased and disappointed. “Maybe you’ll make it out of this in one piece.” He went to the headboard of the bed and banged his palm against it. “Fuck. Why do hotels always make these things solid? How the hell am I supposed to tie you down if there’s nothing to tie you to?”

Tie me? Nolie bit her lip to keep from blurting out the question. When she’d mentioned being tied as part of the fantasy, she hadn’t expected Joseph to go through with it. Early in their relationship, she’d mentioned a desire to have her hands bound, and Joseph hadn’t seemed interested. Role-play or not, she hadn’t believed he would be any more willing now than then to bind her.

She wanted him to follow through. The image of herself stripped naked, unable to move, filled her mind and tightened her pussy.

She was so turned on she wanted to touch herself, but she didn’t dare. Her “captor” certainly wouldn’t be pleased if she “took matters into her own hands” as Joseph sometimes put it. But knowing if he tied her he would be able to access any part of her body he wanted to use excited the hell out of her.

She moaned and immediately clapped her hand over her mouth.

Spotlight #2 on Monica Corwin

As I said in the first Breathless Press spotlight today, author Monica Corwin has THREE books releasing from Breathless this month! The second spotlight today is the second of those books. 

Paint the Roses Red 200x300


The Queen of Hearts is tasked with a mission she cannot refuse. Assassinate one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy—her former lover.

Rebecca, once called The Queen of Hearts, is the most feared assassin in the galaxy. Released from the Red Queen’s prison, she takes one last job in order to collect the bounty and flee to the edge of the verse. The cards are flipped into the air when she finds March at the end of her blade.

March, codenamed The Ace of Hearts, was Rebecca’s friend, lover, and partner. Believing her dead, he launches a revolution against the regime who took her from him five years ago.

Can she overcome the time they spent apart and the torment she endured during her incarceration to claim vengeance against those who wronged them both?


The door creaked open as if the hinges hadn’t been tended in sometime. No one had real doors anymore. Most buildings had a retractable atom field designed to recognize specific people. A real door was an unexpected novelty and made things much easier.

The main room displaying a plethora of colorful headpieces sat devoid of life. A tea room took up space in the back so she squeezed through the small opening and found a handful of tables. One man sat on a thick wood stool with a hat and a tea cup before him. He wore black clothing, and his long brown hair fell halfway down his back with a red ribbon tied in the center.

She approached carefully, intent on not startling him. No honor was served in a backstabbing, either for the victim or the killer.

He set the glass down with a clink but didn’t turn. “I’ve been expecting you.” His voice sounded deep and rich like dark, hot chocolate.

“Well, then please turn and face me like a man.”

The man stood and turned. Before her stood a ghost. Even if he’d been marked for death, she wouldn’t kill him while he wore someone else’s face.

Paint the Roses Red is available from Breathless Press.


Monica Corwin is an outspoken writer who believes romance is for everyone no matter their preferences. Displaced in Central Pennsylvania, Monica Corwin attempts to spend her days writing away in her home by the river. In reality she chases around a toddler and writes when she can. In her free time she drinks entirely too much coffee and collects tomes on King Arthur. Monica Corwin has over thirteen published works from publishers such as Crimson Romance and Cleis Press. You can find her on the web at

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