Looking Forward to 2016

Last week I looked back at what my 2015 was like. It wasn’t the best year for me, especially in terms of my romance writing career.

This year, I don’t have goals that are as structured as what I’ve had in the past, because this is a year of rebuilding, or maybe destroying and building something new. I haven’t entirely decided yet. I don’t do resolutions for a new year. When I try, I end up not sticking to them, and that makes me feel kind of cruddy. Instead I do goals and hopes, and these are a few for me for 2016.

Obviously the big thing is my writing career. Karenna Colcroft has not had a new release in 10 months, give or take. People are not really buying the books I have available, at least according to my royalty statements. Those are things that need to change.

In 2016, I plan to release three books as self-published projects. Two are previously-published, one a paranormal-with-romantic-elements about a vengeance demon (which releases a week from today!) and one male/male romance about a ninja vampire who teaches mixed martial arts in present-day Boston. The third book has never been published, and is another paranormal about a woman who terms herself a “bookstore psychic”, whose powers and abilities bring her to solve a murder from 20 years earlier–and almost get murdered herself.

I have one publisher release scheduled for March 2016, which is Dawn Over Dayfield, a novel I’ve been mentioning a lot since last January or so, which I believe was when I submitted it. Or maybe when I wrote it… I can’t remember. All I know for sure is a whole lot has changed in my personal life since that novel was written. And my publisher, DSP Publications, has already done a stellar job of getting word out about the book, including scoring me an interview for the International Thriller Writers newsletter! (For those who don’t know, Dawn Over Dayfield is a suspense novel with romantic elements.)

I really love Dayfield, both the novel and the town my ex-boyfriend and I created for it, and I’d toyed with the idea of a sequel. I thought it wouldn’t be possible, but this past week I sat down to brainstorm something else and suddenly knew what would happen in the sequel to DOD. So that’s something I’m planning to write in 2016.

And speaking of planning to write…I have not been mentally able to write any type of romance in over a year. It isn’t writer’s block; it has other roots that I won’t get into. But it’s been over a year, and I think that’s time to have healed sufficiently from the incidents that sparked the issue to try again. I have someone close to me who’s willing to be my support system while I try to get back to it, so I’m planning to write at least 1-2 new erotic romances in 2016.

I’m hoping to get Karenna Colcroft back on track this year. More books. More income (because while I write for the love of writing, being able to pay bills is kinda important). More variety. More enjoyment.

Looking Forward to 2015


2014 has been a year of changes for me. I stopped writing for some of the publishers I was with. I started requesting rights back on some of my published books. I tried new publishers–and was rejected. I tried new story ideas.

In my personal life…let’s just say a lot has changed there too.

In 2015, I’m going to take even more control and cause more changes. After those rejections I mentioned, I talked to some writing friends and to some personal-life people, and made a plan. In 2015, I plan to work harder than ever on bringing my writing craft–plot, characters, writing style, etc.–to the next level. Writing can’t be mastered, but it can always be improved.

In 2015, I’m going to try again with one of those publishers that rejected me, as well as trying another new publisher or two. I won’t be writing as much as I have in the past; instead of seeing how many books I can write, I’m going to focus on writing a few to the highest standards I can. I have one romance and one young adult novel already scheduled for 2015 releases, and I’ll be adding a few of each to those, though this year I’ll be backing off the romance a bit and putting more effort into my young adult stuff, under my other pen name.

More than anything, in 2015, I plan to stop being afraid of failure–and of success. I plan to push myself as hard and as far as I can.

And we’ll see where I am at this time next year.