Teaser Thursday- Whipped Cream

This is the ORIGINAL whipped cream scene, written in response to editor Kris Jacen’s challenge on a Yahoo loop well before Salad on the Side was a thing. In fact, this scene is WHY Salad on the Side became a thing. The scene was tweaked for the book, and appears later in the story than I thought it would.

“Ripe strawberries, fresh from the garden.” Leaning over the bowl, Tobias inhaled deeply and sighed. “This is what you had planned the night Melia bit you, Kyle?”

“This and homemade spaghetti sauce.” I opened the fridge and took out the spray can of whipped topping. “You’ll have to wait on the spaghetti. For some reason, going all furry last night kind of killed my gourmet mood.”

“Hey, a man who feeds me is a man after my own heart.” He took the can from me and turned it to read the ingredient list. “Thought you were vegan.”

“Non-dairy.” I pointed to the words on the label. “That means it’s safe for vegan consumption. Would you like to put that on your strawberries, or are you just going to use it for reading material?”

The front of my shirt was suddenly covered with spurts of white topping. “Oops, sorry.” Tobias’s eyes widened in mock innocence. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“You jerk. This is my best crappy shirt!” I scooped some of the “cream” onto one finger and held it up in front of his face. “Look what you did.”

He took my hand and guided it to his mouth, where he slowly licked my finger clean. My cock twitched and swelled in my jeans. Holy shit. All my fantasies about him flooded into my mind, and I closed my eyes to fight off the urge to crush my mouth against his.

“Tastes pretty good,” he murmured, releasing my hand. “Look at me, Kyle.”

If the eyes were really the windows to the soul, the way the old cliché claimed, the moment I looked at him he’d know how much I wanted him. But his voice didn’t leave room for disobedience. He was the Alpha, and that meant I did what he said, even in human form. Even if I really, really didn’t want to.

I followed his command and opened my eyes. With a face-splitting grin, he pulled the neck of my shirt open and sprayed a stream of whipped topping down over my skin. “There, is that better?”

“Asshole!” I couldn’t help laughing. I yanked off my shirt and surveyed the damage. Topping streaked my chest, dotting my nipples. “You’d better clean this off, Tobias.”

“Yeah? And how would you like me to do that, Kyle?” He turned my name into a low growl. In his eyes, I saw something wild. Not wolf. Something more primal than that.

Before I could squelch the impulse, I replied, “Lick it off.”

He ran his tongue over his lips. Orange flame kindled in his gaze, and he bent and licked a line across my chest from one nipple to the other. I shuddered and clutched the counter behind me to keep from being knocked over by the rush of arousal that coursed through me. My dick hardened to the point of pain, and I let out a low moan.

“Does that feel as good as you taste?” He sucked my nipple between his lips and clamped down lightly with his teeth.

“Fuck, yeah,” I gasped. “Tobias—” I stopped, not knowing whether to beg him to stop or to keep going, to bring us both past the point where anything mattered other than the physical. The point where we could forget about being neighbors, about him being my Alpha now, and just rip off our clothes and fuck.

I was pretty much already there.

“You’re not clean yet.” He swirled his tongue over my skin. “I think I like this even better than fresh strawberries.”

“Tobias!” I closed my eyes and let my body take over. The point of contact between his tongue and my chest grew to a bonfire that spread through me. My cock strained against the front of my jeans, wanting release in every sense of the word.

And he didn’t stop. Making soft sounds of pleasure, low grunts that bordered on growls, he licked every spot of topping from me. I tensed and thought frantically of baseball and my former next-door neighbor’s hugely ugly housedresses to keep the explosion of my climax at bay.

Finally, he looked up with a satisfied smirk. “All clean.”

“Fuck.” I leaned against the counter, breathing heavily. “Tobias, what the hell are we doing? Because I have to tell you, I’m now horny as hell, and if you aren’t going to do anything about it, please leave so I can, er, relieve myself.”

He laughed, a rich sound that rolled over me like warm water. Without answering my question, he unfastened his button-fly jeans and shoved them to the floor. His long cock sprang against his abdomen, a droplet at its tip.

He picked up the spray can and squirted a ring around his dick. “Banana split?”

I cracked up. “You are a dork, you know that?”

“Yeah.” His tone turned serious. “Your dork, if you want me. You think I didn’t know how you feel about me, Kyle? I held back because of the whole wolf thing, not because I didn’t want you. But now…” He gestured at himself. “I’m here, and I’m naked. What are you going to do about it?”

I dropped to my knees. Every single fantasy I’d had since moving in was about to come true, and I damn sure wasn’t going to hesitate to take the offer. “I’m going to lick you clean,” I said hoarsely.

“Good.” His fingers twined through my hair. “And then?”

“And then.” I licked up his shaft from the base to the tip, and enjoyed the power surge from hearing his soft moan. “And then, we’ll fuck.”

Teaser Thursday- Salad on the Side

Salad Sm


The day had turned very warm, so having the car’s top down came as a welcome relief. Tobias drove carefully through East Boston to the highway, then took the ramp onto the Mass Pike and headed west. At least, that was what the sign told me.

We didn’t talk as he drove. At highway speeds, the wind noise prevented conversation. The lack of chatter didn’t bother me, though. I was here, in one hell of a sweet car, with the man my heart had decided to fall for without consulting my brain. We were headed for some unknown destination, just the two of us.

Nothing else mattered.

It took a long time to leave the city completely behind us. Boston’s suburbs and the surrounding area spread over quite a distance from my perspective. After a while, though, nothing lined the highway except trees and occasional glimpses of buildings.

He left the highway via a seemingly random off-ramp, leading to another highway heading south toward Rhode Island. I had no idea how much time had passed and I didn’t really care. The dashboard clock was clearly visible, but I chose not to look at it. The freedom of being alone with Tobias like this, alone even though cars whizzed by us and people stared and even waved, wiped any worries about real life right out of my mind.

A sign for Cape Cod led us to another off-ramp, which Tobias took. “We just made a hell of a circle,” he said when he slowed for a stop sign at the end of the ramp. “I could have just driven straight here without going through all that.”

“Then why didn’t you?”

He smiled and patted my leg. “Because then I wouldn’t have been with you as long.” He turned onto the road. “I’m going to take you somewhere I used to go with my family when I was a kid. I’ve never brought anyone else to see it, but I want to bring you. The only thing is; it’s going to be a while before we get there, and it includes a ferry ride. You up for it or do you need to go home for something?”

“Why would I need to go home?” I pointed out. “I live alone, my boss is probably ready to kill me, and so are a few shifters I know. Take me wherever you want.”

“Oh, I’d love to take you a few places.” His emphasis made the double entendre all too clear and my body responded accordingly. Maybe if I was discreet enough about it, I could suck him off while we drove…

He flicked the side of my head with his thumb and forefinger. “Alphas know what their pack is thinking. And I’m much, much closer with you than I am with the rest of the pack. Stop that before you get me all hot and bothered.”

“Failing to see that as a problem.” I put my hand on his thigh as close to his crotch as possible without being completely indecent. After all, we were in a convertible. “Does this place you’re taking me to have any secluded spots? Outdoor sex has always been a fantasy of mine.”

He laughed. “Unfortunately, not secluded enough for what you have in mind. I think you’ll really like the place, though, once we get there. Just bear with me, because it’s going to be a long drive.”

“And the idea of spending more time with you is so reprehensible.”

He swatted my hand. “Stop giving me a hard-on and let me drive.”

I took my hand off him, though I was very reluctant about doing so, and watched the road. Being this close to him and not being allowed to touch him constituted the worst kind of torture as far as I was concerned.

Being tormented like that was actually kind of fun.

Teaser Thursday- Vegan Werewolf

This was the scene that started it all. Spawned by a friend’s question “How could a werewolf be vegan,” I dashed off this short scene in May 2010. And it planted the seed that became my Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series. 

The Wolf

No! Oh, God, anything but this!

I tried to see my body. Fur, check. Pretty off-white color, or at least I would have thought it was pretty if it didn’t cover me. Snout protruding out far enough to see, check. Four paws with claws sticking out from the end of each… finger? Toe? Didn’t know what to call them. Check, anyway.

Shit. That fucking wolf-bitch had bitten me after all, even though I thought I’d dodged her teeth. No wonder I’d slept so long.

I lay on a patch of bare ground, surrounded by scattered leaves and evergreen needles. A few feet away, two humans crouched. One of them, I recognized. Tobias, my next-door neighbor and the object of the hottest man-crush I’d ever had. The fact that he was naked so close to me I could have reached out and touched him if I’d had the limbs I was supposed to have didn’t help that a bit.

The other human… After a second, I recognized her, too. The hair color gave it away, perfectly matching the color of the fur on the wolf that had bitten me.

I snarled and tried to stand, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get those four legs under me. Tobias raised his hands and took a couple steps toward me. “Kyle, easy,” he said softly. “We aren’t going to hurt you.”

“I didn’t mean for this to happen,” the woman wailed. “Tobias, I didn’t mean—”

“Shut up, Melia,” Tobias ordered without taking his eyes off me. “You’re here to see the results of your poor control, not to make apologies. I know Kyle. I don’t think he’ll accept your apology easily.”

I managed to move my head in something resembling a nod. Fuck if I’d ever forgive the bitch! It hadn’t been my fault I’d wandered into the middle of a wolf kill. How the hell was I supposed to know every werewolf in the city would gather in a fucking vegetable garden? Let alone the one outside my apartment building.

Of course, given that several deer, rabbits, and other small creatures had been bothering the garden lately, it made sense the wolves would come to hunt. On the outskirts of the biggest city in the state, they probably didn’t find much wildlife, other than raccoons, skunks, and addicts.

I’d only gone out there to get some tomatoes for the vegan pasta sauce I was making. Sauce which would simmer overnight, so I’d have something special to share with Tobias. I’d invited him for dinner the next night, and since I knew he was an omnivore, I’d planned a menu that would take both his eating habits and my veganism into account.

The next night. Except I didn’t think it was “next” anymore. I’d gone into the garden like an idiot, ignoring the grunting, growling, snuffling noises until I’d seen the pack. Over a dozen wolves in the middle of my garden—“my” being a relative term meaning that although I hadn’t planted everything, I was the only one who gave a shit about it—muzzles covered in blood, and carcasses of dead animals scattered around, including a doe.

I’d puked before I started screaming at them to go away. Screaming at the top of my lungs, wondering why none of my neighbors came to help. Now I knew, of course.

Tobias was one of the wolves. And he’d probably made sure none of the other neighbors would ever see anything he didn’t want them to.

“You have to eat something, Kyle,” Tobias said. He crouched low to look me in the eye. “You’ve been unconscious for three days, since Melia attacked you. You don’t know how sorry I am about this. I wanted to protect you from it.”

Even in my current form, my heart and a couple other things responded to his words. When I’d first met Tobias, I hadn’t known whether he was gay, straight, or somewhere in between, so I’d made my moves very slowly. I knew I liked guys, and I knew I wanted him if it wouldn’t offend him too much. That pasta dinner would have been the time I finally told him how I felt, since I’d gotten all the signals from him indicating he had no objection to dating another man.

Melia had fucked that up but good. I growled at her again.

“Kyle, stop,” Tobias said. “She’s been punished, believe me. I don’t let my pack just randomly attack humans, especially a human I’d chosen to protect. Deal with her later. Right now, you’re weak. You have to eat something. Lots of something, or your body isn’t going to be able to cope with any of this. I have food for you.”

He whistled, and another man and woman walked through the trees carrying large platters. I didn’t know the man. The woman, Harriet, lived in the building beside the one where Tobias and I lived. Fuck, were all my neighbors werewolves?

They set down the platters and uncovered them. I gagged. Raw meat was piled high on both platters, still coated with blood and I didn’t know what else. No way could I eat that. Just seeing it made me want to puke.

I turned my head away, still gagging and coughing. “Kyle, you need protein,” Tobias said. “You’ll die if you don’t eat.” He lightly ruffled the fur on my head. “I don’t want that to happen.”

I shook my head. I didn’t want to die either, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to eat a stack of dead animals. I hadn’t eaten meat since age ten, and I wasn’t about to change my habits now just because some dumb bimbo had turned me into a wolf.

“Kyle, come on.” Harriet knelt beside me, holding a piece of meat. “It’s good. Fresh kill.”

To my horror, she nibbled on the meat, her face lighting up at the taste. God, that made me want to puke even more.

I forced myself to my feet and staggered a couple steps backward, then collapsed again. At least I had some distance between myself and that abomination they called food. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t care if others ate meat. But I sure as hell wasn’t about to, and I didn’t appreciate them trying to force it on me.

Tobias sighed. “He won’t eat it.”

“He needs it,” Harriet argued. “If he doesn’t eat it, we’ll lose him.” She glared at Melia, who cowered. “That would make her a murderer, in my book.”

“Mine, too,” Tobias agreed. “But we won’t lose him.”

“If he won’t eat what we’ve brought him…” The other man shivered. “I’ve seen a newly-changed wolf die of starvation. It isn’t pretty.”

“He won’t die.” Tobias shook his head. “Kyle, you stubborn bastard, you’re lucky I know you so well.” He stood, facing Harriet and the other man. “He’s vegan. That’s why I have those other platters ready. Bring him the veggie burgers and salad.”

The other man snorted. “A vegan werewolf? How the hell is that going to work?”

“I don’t know,” Tobias admitted. “But we’re going to find out.” He paused. “And make sure there’s blue cheese dressing on that salad. That’s his favorite.”