Random Thoughts

It’s too hot to think of a post topic, so I’m just going to let my brain go free. Which could be dangerous.

Hot, sweaty, hard and fast sex can be awesome. But air conditioning is sometimes a good idea.

Cooling System

Why bother judging someone else’s love life, unless they’ve asked you to be part of it?┬áPersonally, I think anything between consenting adults is fine and none of my business. And anything in my life is no one else’s business except the people who are involved.

It really sucks to realize someone you considered a friend chose to stab you in the back. Unfortunately, some people are stuck in high school and/or in thinking they get to make the rules for everyone else. Which probably means you’re better off without them as a friend.

I don’t have enough shirts that match my pants and skirts. This must be rectified.

Trying things on can be a good experience or a bad one. Depends on what you’re trying and how warped the fitting room mirror is.

I hope it cools off next week so I can be more coherent.