Music-y Stuff

Since I haven’t been working a lot on writing (because the ideas just aren’t flowing well), I’ve been working more on music. I’ve posted on here a few times about my musician friend and the songs we’re writing together, and I’ve posted a trailer or two that he and I did the music in.

We’re working now on a few cover songs, and more originals. It’s fun, and it’s relaxing. Writing used to be that for me, but once I started getting published, writing became more pressure. Now music has taken up the “something relaxing” role in my life, and I’m trying hard to keep it that way. I don’t need to have my songs widely available, or to perform in front of thousands or even hundreds. I do want to perform in front of an audience, and that’s another thing my friend and I are working toward, since he has a lot of experience performing live.

Our original songs run the gamut from one about a drug addict begging a vampire to turn her and then committing suicide when he walks away, to one from the point of view of someone leaving a controlling/abusive partner. We’ve done tentative recordings of a couple of them, and hopefully soon we’ll have the recordings finalized.

Meanwhile, it’s just fun. And it gives us something to do to spend time together, which is never a bad thing.