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Since a lot of publishers tend to use stock images in the creation of their covers, it isn’t surprising that occasionally the same image shows up in more than one place. Sometimes in a lot of places.

I’ve had it happen with a couple of my own books, though one of the books in question is now out of print, so I don’t have that cover anymore. But I had two books, one a male/male and the other a hetero, that I would swear had the same guy as part of the cover image, just reversed from one to the other.

After changing my website theme, it occurred to me that I probably had way too much in this site’s media library, including the covers of all of my out of print books. So I decided to go through and clean things out. And then I saw this:

Nick_sm (2)

I uploaded that image in late 2012 for a guest author’s post. Tonya Kinzer, I believe. According to the tag on the image, it was meant to represent a character named Nick. I had to check on that, especially to find out when I’d uploaded that image, because it looked very, very familiar.

Does “Nick” look familiar to you? He should…


Two years later, one of Loose Id’s cover artists decided this guy made a perfect Erich Zahn.

And it amused me so much I had to do a blog post about it.

Special Guest Tonya Kinzer

Welcoming Tonya Kinzer back to the blog to share her latest release. Thanks for stopping by!

Let’s gather on the porch of Cassi’s Wyoming home where she and Gabe have many conversations sitting in these Adirondack chairs. I’m a sucker for awesome log homes and she’s got one. Doesn’t that interior just call to you to come in and roam around? Plenty of places to tie up a cowboy…..mmmm….damn! Alas, I didn’t include any scenes like that in Come Tame Me, sorry. Several readers asked if I could write a series without any Dom/sub bondage involved and even though I hint at it…I didn’t include restraints and blindfolds. You have no idea how hard that was. LOL

As Gabe and Cassi work out their differences, I take the readers to a few real places in Jackson Hole, two of them being Snake River Lodge and the Snake River Brewing Company. The Lodge took my breath away and I plan to make a visit to the brewery soon! Take a peek, I think you’ll enjoy visiting these with my characters – imagine them at these locales.
As I wrote this, the characters helped quite a bit with scenes they wanted me to include and Dani was pretty persistent. She saw only one way to prove to Cassi that her heart still longed to be wrapped in Gabe’s arms…and getting Cassi hot and bothered came too easy for Dani. For those who love reading f/f scenes, enjoy their scene HERE!

Gabe and Cassi deal with many obstacles that come between them. Can they rekindle the relationship they had ten years ago or has time hardened her heart? Grab your copy today and find out. I hope you get lost in the pages of their story as well as wanting to know more about her best friend Dani. My website has buy links to your favorite online store of just do a search for my books. Reader reviews are what help a book climb higher on the charts so if you enjoy the story, please consider leaving a review and star rating (another contest for reviewers! Click Contact Me on my website). I also have a newsletter with two types of content; the sign up is on my website too.
Thank you all for stopping in to learn more about me. I also write erotica/BDSM for those who love kink in their reads. My website has more on The Boss’s Pet series. Do get into the contest below. I’ll pick a winner on Tues May 6. Good luck and please use the share buttons here.

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