Teaser Thursday- Beginner’s Luck

This is from one of my earliest published books, which is now out of print. 


With a yawn, Kyla sat up and looked at the clock radio on her bureau. Six o’clock. Bizarre dreams, with monsters and bad guy car chases and vampires, had filled her mind all night, and had awakened her several times. Every time she’d woken up, she’d looked at the clock and closed her eyes again. But every time she’d dozed off, the damn dreams had come back.

Lying there tossing and turning hadn’t helped. She’d been so convinced she wouldn’t be able to get any more sleep that it had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Other than the brief spells of dozing, she’d been awake since two a.m. But she’d forced herself to stay in bed. No one got up early on Sundays.

Alec sure didn’t. A ripping snore filled the room. If he hadn’t been so gorgeous, that snoring would have made her kick him out of bed.

Six o’clock seemed a reasonable time to get out of bed, though. She got up and picked up the clothes she’d set out the night before, then went into the bathroom for a quick shower. After dressing in her T-shirt and jeans, she headed downstairs. Ah, sweet silence. Time to just be still and let herself relax.

The old copper kettle she’d inherited from her grandmother rattled musically as Kyla filled it with water for her instant coffee. She needed all the caffeine she could get. Once she set the kettle on the open flame of the gas stove, she went to the living room and turned on the computer. Alec hadn’t awakened yet. She could look for… those items without giggling and blushing in front of him.

After a few minutes, the kettle hissed in the kitchen. Thank goodness. Caffeine time. Kyla went back to the kitchen, where she poured water into the mug and topped it off with some chocolate soy milk. The hot aroma tickled her nose and brought her to full consciousness as she carried the cup back to her computer.

She browsed to her favorite search engine and typed in “butt plug.” Immediately, way too many results appeared. Her heart and breathing sped up as she stared in shock at the screen. Porn movies, explanations of butt plugs  and how to use them, and of course sites which sold the things. Lots of sites. Lots of brands.

Too much to think about. She had no clue where to even start. Frustrated, she closed the browser window. Maybe she should wait for Alec after all.

One of the urban fantasy novels Alec always brought with him lay on the coffee table. Kyla took her mug to the couch and opened the book. Vampires and homicidal werewolves. It sounded good to her. Monsters didn’t scare her nearly as much as butt plugs.

The story drew her in. For a few hours, she lost herself in a world of shape-shifters and undead beings, until footsteps on the stairs made her jump. The book had taken so much of her attention, she hadn’t noticed the time.

He entered the living room. “Good book?” he asked cheerfully.

“I like it.” Smiling though her stomach had twisted into a knot, Kyla set it beside her and stood to give him a hug. “Did you sleep well?”

“Very well,” he assured her. His lips pressed against hers. “You?”

“Not so well,” she admitted. “Weird dreams, and then I woke up too early. I might take a nap later.” She yawned. “Or maybe now.”

“Now that I’m not there to toss and turn and keep you awake?” he teased.

She frowned at the guilt his words brought up in her. “It wasn’t you,” she said apologetically. “Like I said, I had really weird dreams. I can’t even really remember them, just that they were bizarre.”

“Honey, I was teasing about keeping you awake,” Alec said gently. “As for the dreams, I hate when that happens.” He brushed her hair back from her face. “I’m sorry you didn’t sleep well. Why don’t you go take a nap, and when you get up we’ll see what we can find online?”

“Um…” Yeah. Online. She’d hoped he had forgotten about that.

“Unless you’ve changed your mind,” he said quickly. “You aren’t just agreeing to anal because you think I want it, are you? Because it’s fine with me either way, whether we do or we don’t. The idea just excites me, you know?” His voice took on a lower pitch, not quite a growl. “It sounds like such a dirty, nasty thing to do. Nasty in a good way, that is.”

“I don’t know if dirty and nasty can be a good thing.” Kyla rested her head against his chest and breathed in his just-got-up scent. His love surrounded and calmed her. She had nothing to fear. The mean old butt plug monsters couldn’t get her.

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