Teaser Thursday- Changing Planes

Changing Planes released in June 2013 from Loose Id. I just felt like sharing a snippet of it today. 

Changing Planes_200

Sunday night over pizza, fries, and soda from Oliver’s favorite takeout place, Colin said, “Tomorrow’s Monday.”

“Indeed it is.” He knew exactly what Colin was getting at but couldn’t resist teasing him a bit. They’d spent the afternoon skidding on the ice on the Frog Pond in Boston Common, pushing each other, sliding, and falling on their asses, and he wasn’t ready to let go of the easy fun they’d had to have a serious discussion. Not quite yet anyway.

“You have to work, and I might have a phone call to make.” Colin set his plate on the coffee table and leaned back in the corner of the couch, facing Oliver. “I know you probably aren’t in the mood to talk, but we need to, Oliver. I need to know what I’m doing tomorrow while you’re at work. Am I packing and making plans with my friends back in Sacramento to get me through until I manage to come out here again or you manage to go there?”

Oliver hadn’t believed he would get out of the conversation so easily. He just wished Colin would have let him finish eating first. He didn’t see why they had to discuss it anyway. They both knew what they wanted. Where they belonged. Over the weekend, Oliver had made peace with the idea of making Colin uproot himself. Colin didn’t seem to have any problem with it, and it was his life.

Having Colin in his apartment had only proven to Oliver they belonged together. Every time he woke up and saw Colin beside him in bed, he felt more at home than he ever had. Talking and laughing with Colin was like being with his best friend.

And the sex was boiling hot, which definitely didn’t hurt.

“What do you want to do?” He wasn’t going to let Colin put the whole thing on him. “You’re the one who’ll have to make the most changes if we’re going further with this.”

“And I’m the one who’s used to making changes, remember?” Colin hesitated. “You know what I want, Oliver. I don’t know why it happened so fast for us, but it’s right. You know it’s right. I wouldn’t be able to make the change immediately. Even if they have an opening on a Boston route, it would take time to get all the paperwork done, and get things rearranged. At least a couple of weeks, and that’s if I call in a favor.”

Oliver pretended to think about it, staring off into space, but he didn’t need to think, and he doubted Colin did either. “So the sooner you call them, the sooner you’ll be here for good.” For four days, they had been a true couple, and he didn’t want that to change. He doubted Colin did either.

“Call them,” he said finally. “Find out how soon they can move you. I’ll talk to my landlord. There shouldn’t be a problem with you moving in, but I’ll have to put your name on the lease. And I’ll have to rearrange the furniture to fit your stuff in, but that shouldn’t be a problem either.”

“Put down your plate.”

Oliver did, and Colin tackled him. He wrapped his arms tightly around Oliver, and knocked him back so they were lying down together. Oliver laughed, and Colin echoed it. Oliver didn’t remember ever being this happy, not even when Sophia had accepted his proposal. Colin was his. They would be together forever, or at least a long time, and Oliver wouldn’t be alone anymore. He would be with the man he loved.

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