Teaser Thursday- I Should Tell You

I Should Tell You_200

Hunter doubted he would be sleeping much that night, even if he and Mitch didn’t end up fucking. Just having the other man near him would keep him up in more ways than one.

His apartment was on the third floor of a brownstone. The place was bigger than Hunter could really afford on his paycheck, but he didn’t plan on being there alone for long. He had taken his parents up on their offer to cover first month’s rent and security deposit so he could move in. He hadn’t been happy about it, but he wasn’t thinking only about his pride anymore. They had told him to consider it a birthday gift. He still planned to pay them back. Once he was settled, he would make installment payments out of what he earned at the club.

He switched on the lamp he’d set on a small table inside the apartment door. The place didn’t have overhead lights except over the kitchen counter, which was the only downside he’d found. They had entered the combination living and dining room, with a tiny kitchen area off to one side.

Mitch stepped inside and looked around. “Nice. Roomy. I like what you haven’t done with the place.”

Hunter chuckled. “Yeah. Furniture’s going to take a bit.” The only items aside from the lamp and table were a floor lamp across the room, a couch his mother had insisted he take from his parents’ basement, and the tiny TV he’d kept on his bureau in his old place.

“It’s still nice because it’s yours.” Mitch looked at him shyly, his confidence and teasing gone now. “What about the bedroom? I see three doors.”

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. Follow me.” Hunter took off his jacket and tossed it onto the couch. Mitch hesitated before doing the same.

There was one door to the right of the kitchen, one to the left, and one beside the TV, also to the left of the kitchen.

Hunter opened the door to the left of the kitchen first. “The glorious bathroom.”

Mitch glanced through the door. “Yeah. Glorious. You don’t even have a tub.”

“I don’t take baths,” Hunter said. “Showers work fine, and it’s a nice-sized stall. Big enough for two if it needed to be.”

“Dirty fun while getting clean.” Mitch sounded a bit more sure of himself as he pressed closer to Hunter. “I could get behind that.”

Hunter decided to go along with Mitch’s banter. “Well, one of us would definitely be behind the other.”

“Yeah.” Mitch gave him a lust-filled look. “We’ll have to figure that one out. You’re a top, am I right?”

“Sometimes.” Unable to resist, he took a chance and ran his hand over Mitch’s ass. Mitch shivered and moaned softly, which Hunter took as approval. “It depends on my partner.”

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