Teaser Thursday- Last Chance Tattoo


Dorsey didn’t expect to see Rad again. The kid—the guy. He’s an adult. I need to remember that—didn’t really strike Dorsey as the type to get a tattoo. Even though Rad had seemed excited about the idea, Dorsey suspected Rad would back out on the reality. Dorsey was damn good at his job, but there was no way to do a tattoo without needles and some pain, and he wondered if Rad would be able to handle either.

Yet after Dorsey opened the shop at ten that morning, he kept looking out the window. Not for just any customer this time, but for Rad.

Thinking about the guy sent small, barely familiar jolts through him. The longer Rad had hung around the shop the day before, the more intriguing Dorsey had found him. Rad had an almost feminine softness to his features, but when he’d rolled up his sleeve so Dorsey could see a possible location for a tat, the muscles in Rad’s upper arm were obvious. He was several inches shorter than Dorsey, and that plus Rad’s young appearance gave the impression he needed to be taken care of.

But the way he’d talked about his family and the people who’d bullied him proved otherwise. Rad might have considered himself a fuck-up, but he could clearly take care of himself. Maybe not financially, but in other ways. Rad’s cuteness and size hid a lot more strength than Dorsey would have expected.

Dorsey was attracted to Rad. He couldn’t deny it. Something in him that had slept since Chester’s death had begun to wake, and it wanted Rad.

That lithe body in Dorsey’s arms. Somewhere… The location didn’t matter. Somewhere no one would find them.

Both of them nude, skin to skin. When they stood together, the height difference was too much for Dorsey to rub his cock against Rad’s as he wanted. Rad’s cock was larger than Dorsey would have guessed, perfectly shaped and hard as steel. Just like Dorsey’s cock.

Dorsey shuddered and hitched in a breath. Three years of denying any release other than quick, sometimes bitter masturbation, of believing he would never want anyone again. Now this skinny little guy walked into his shop and turned him right the fuck on. Without doing a damn thing other than talking and acting like a scared little rabbit.

The shop was far from the right place to indulge in fantasies, let alone to get himself off. He had to keep it together. The weather was better than the day before, sunny and windless, so customers might actually show up.

Rad might come back. Anything was possible.

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