Teaser Thursday- Last Chance Tattoo (again)



The shop door opened, and to Dorsey’s surprise, Rad walked in. Dorsey hadn’t been sure whether he would see the guy again after the way Rad had taken off the day before.

He waved, but Rad was looking at the counter. He walked over to Kelly, who motioned for Rad to sit at one of the nearer tables. Rad sat with his back to Dorsey, and after a moment, Kelly joined him.

Hopefully that meant Kelly had decided to give Rad a job. From listening to Rad talk about working at the shop, Dorsey had recognized how important it was to the guy. He had to wonder what Rad’s family would think of one of their own working at such a grunt job, but Dorsey definitely understood the need.

He finished his coffee while trying not to stare at Rad’s back.

Going back to his apartment with someone wouldn’t be so bad. He couldn’t sit at the coffee shop for the next five hours, after all. Even Kelly would lose her patience with that. But if he invited Rad to come over and watch a movie or something…

Who the hell am I kidding? Companionship would be okay, but it wasn’t the only reason he wanted to be alone with Rad. Before the nightmares had hit, Dorsey had indulged in more fantasizing about the guy. For the first time in three years, Dorsey’s libido was wide-awake, and Rad was the one he was interested in.

Not that he had many other options. Rad was the only other openly gay guy Dorsey knew in Ludington. But he suspected even if there had been a whole herd of gay men, he would have chosen Rad.

And sex was a better way than alcohol, or even caffeine, to get the crap out of his head.

First, though, he had to get Rad’s attention. Preferably without seeming creepy about it.

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