Teaser Thursday- Love Like Vampires

Since I recently finished second-round edits on this novel, and received cover art that I’m not permitted to share quite yet, I wanted to give you a snippet from my male/male contemporary novel Love Like Vampires, which will release this summer from Dreamspinner Press.

Thaniel patted him on the shoulder. “We’re going to be fine here. Who knows? We might make some connections that will put us in the big time with Jareth. He said he would introduce us to some people.”

“Great.” The thought of meeting the “people” made Shane’s stomach churn. It would be huge for Love Like Vampires’ career, no question, but those guys could make or break the band. Shane didn’t trust himself to make a good enough first impression with people like that.

“Come on.” Thaniel turned to include the rest of the band in the command. “Wander. Schmooze. Flirt with women. Hell, flirt with men. Jareth just proposed to his fucking boyfriend no one knew he had, right onstage, and everyone loved it. So if you’re into guys, probably no one here will have a problem with it.”

He intended that statement for Shane, no question about it. Bryan was gay too, and no one was quite sure about Jace, but Thaniel had spent enough time trying to persuade Shane to find a boyfriend or at least a fuck buddy that Shane recognized a hint when he heard it.

The problem was he didn’t want to flirt with any of the guys in the room except Thaniel. And there was no fucking way he would “go for it” with the guy who’d been his best friend since elementary school. Even if he had a chance in hell with Thaniel, he didn’t want to fuck up a great friendship for the possibility of getting laid.

“Hey, it’s the band!” A woman in a skirt so short Shane would have sworn he could see her panties—assuming she was wearing any—tottered over on heels that made her taller than Shane. “Come have some drinks and shit, guys! You were fucking insane out there. You have to play with Jareth more.”

“His fiancé probably wouldn’t appreciate other guys playing with Jareth too much,” Bryan said, his face completely blank.

Thaniel snorted, and Shane stifled a laugh. Jace and the woman looked equally confused, and Todd simply turned to study a painting on the wall beside them.

The woman’s face brightened. “Come on. You should have drinks. And you need to meet people. It’s a party. People meet people at parties.”

She gave them a huge smile, and her eyes glazed over. Drunk or high. Or both. Who the fuck knows? Shane glanced at Thaniel, who appeared to be studying the chick’s huge boobs. The things were so big that given her state and her shoes, Shane couldn’t figure out why she didn’t just topple forward.

“Lead us to the drinks,” Thaniel said. “We can definitely use them.”

Todd opened his mouth and Shane frowned at him. Every single time they partied, Todd tried to lecture them about alcohol. And every time, he drank more than any of them. At least this time they wouldn’t be taking him home to his girlfriend while he was still shitfaced. He might be pretty hung over by the time they returned to Maine the following day, but he would be sober. Which meant Caroline wouldn’t threaten to take their kid and vanish the way she’d done after their last show.

The chick, whose name Shane never caught, brought them across the room to the bar, and after that things blurred for Shane. Alcohol flowed freely. Hands were stuck in front of him to shake.

Hands were on his body.

He wouldn’t have minded the last bit so much if they’d been guys’ hands. Especially if they’d been Thaniel’s.

Jareth put in an appearance and introduced LLV to a few people who might advance their career, just as he’d promised. Thaniel did most of the talking while Shane and the others nodded and smiled. Shane might have handled all their business, but Thaniel was their front man. He was the one whose personality had helped bring them this far, so it made sense for him to deal with the people who might put their names and faces in front of millions.

Shane had too much to drink and he knew it, but every time someone handed him a cup, he took it. He hated the frigging parties. Meeting people was awesome, but he always felt too much pressure to be a true party guy. It wasn’t his thing. It beat sitting at home jerking off, but that was the best he could say. Partying with the band and their friends was awesome. Partying with a bunch of strangers who did it as a business activity, not so much.

Thaniel disappeared with the chick, and Bryan took off with some guy whose role in the whole thing Shane couldn’t figure out. Todd sat in a corner with his booze, and Jace stumbled around the room talking to anyone who would listen about absolutely fucking nothing, the way he always did.

Shane worked his way around the room, talking to everyone who tried talking to him and mentally calling Thaniel every name he could think of. Fucker just had to get his goddamn dick wet. He couldn’t have stuck around to help with the social shit. All he wanted was to get laid.

Shane refused to admit even to himself how jealous he was of the chick. She had Thaniel while Shane stood around completely alone surrounded by people he didn’t know and didn’t give a shit about.

It sucked, and not in a good way.

And he couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. If he’d wanted, he could have found a private place for a good hard fuck. A few women and a couple of guys made their interest known over the few hours of the party, and Shane considered taking one of the guys up on his offer. He hadn’t had any naked fun in way too long.

But he didn’t want a one-night stand. He wanted Thaniel.

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