Teaser Thursday- The Alpha’s Bride

AlphasBride 200

Tareth tried and failed to hold Justin’s gaze. His brown eyes showed nothing other than love and concern, but she feared once her words sank in, that would change.

They’d only been together since September. Their relationship had progressed at warp speed, from barely speaking in the subway each morning to dating to fucking in the span of less than a week. And they’d moved in together shortly after the death of Justin’s close friend Chal Torres. The death which had forced Justin to take leadership of the largest werewolf pack in the northeastern United States.

Because of Justin’s role in the pack, when Tareth had first begun to suspect her pregnancy, she hadn’t told him. He had too much responsibility in his life already. Along with becoming Alpha of the City Pack, Justin had taken over running the international shipping company Chal had owned. His second and third in command were constantly at each other’s throats, leaving Justin to mediate while keeping the rest of the pack from finding out about the conflict among their leaders.

The last thing he needed was to learn that the woman he’d known only three months was carrying their child.

They’d been careless in the early days. Tareth hadn’t been on birth control, and at least twice, they’d forgone condoms during sex. She’d known the risk and hadn’t cared. Justin had said he didn’t either. She should have known better than to take such a chance, and now it was too late to change it.

Now they were both stuck. And while part of her loved the idea of giving her lover—her mate, although Justin and some of his pack had told her they’d never heard of a human being a werewolf’s true mate before—the child he could never have had with a female werewolf, she was afraid he would leave her when he found out.

Holding her breath, she tried to stop tears from running down her face. Crying was manipulative, or so her parents had taught her. She couldn’t let Justin think she was trying to manipulate him into staying.

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