Teaser Thursday- Wild Waves

A snippet of erotica, just because…

The August sun beat down on the harbor as I led my wife Sierra to the boat I’d talked my boss into letting me use for the day. Sierra had been begging me for weeks to take her out on the boat—“take” in both senses of the word. Since Sierra and I’d opened our marriage a few months earlier, she’d become much more adventurous sexually, and she’d brought me right along with her.

Small Fishing Boat

She stopped on the dock beside the boat and covered her eyes for a moment. “I wish I’d worn sunglasses.”

“You’d look sexy with sunglasses.” I pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard. With one hand I cupped her nice round breast, currently hidden under one of my old T-shirts. Under the shirt she wore the bikini top I’d convinced her would look hot as hell on her. She hadn’t let me see her in it yet, and I was looking forward to the grand reveal once we were out on the water.

She moaned softly and pressed against me. My cock was already hard just from my thoughts of fucking Sierra’s tight little pussy bent over the boat’s seat, and I knew she could feel it.

Sure enough, she slipped her hand between us and gave my cock and balls a gentle squeeze. “Can’t wait to feel this inside me,” she murmured. “I’m so wet already. This is exciting as hell, you know.”

“It is for me, too.” I wanted to shove my hand into her cut-off shorts and find out for myself how wet she was, but I refrained. We were still at the dock, and even though Sierra had discovered a little exhibitionist streak, I doubted she wanted my boss and coworker to watch me fingering her.

I helped her onto the little boat, which was usually used to patrol the harbor, bring gas to customers who had run out, and tow motorboats and sailboats back to their home ports if they broke down. My boss was a pretty nice guy and sometimes let us captains use the boats for pleasure trips around the harbor and islands if it was a slow day. Wednesdays were usually slow.

I started the engines and cast off, and we headed out into the harbor. Even though it was a weekday, plenty of pleasure boats dotted the water. I figured we’d find a secluded spot among the islands, so I headed that way.

Sierra sat on the seat behind me, her legs spread so I could stand between them. It would have been so easy to turn around and fuck her, except for the minor matter of those damn shorts of hers being in the way. She kept brushing my thighs with her feet, and I knew damn well she was doing it on purpose.

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