The “Click”

I read a quote on Tumblr the other day, which I won’t quote exactly because I can’t find it now and I wouldn’t want to use a quote without being able to attribute it to whoever originally said it.

But the basic gist of it was that when you meet someone you click with right away, it’s a wonderful feeling, like you’re coming home.

I definitely agree with that. When I met my husband, there was a click. An almost audible one, like putting pieces together. Even though that was the first time we’d met, I knew he would be part of my life. Within half an hour, we were finishing each other’s sentences. By the end of that first night, we were *starting* each other’s sentences. We had things in common, and something about us just fit together.

The same thing happened earlier this year when I met the man I refer to as my “person.” Even though hubby and I have okayed seeing other people, I wasn’t trying to, but Person messaged me on the website we both belong to–the same site through which I met hubby–and something about his message made me answer. A couple of weeks later, when he and I both had a free Saturday, even though I doubted anything would come of it, I met him.

And there was that click again. Our conversation flowed naturally. We spent eight hours together that day, and never once ran out of things to talk about. There were no awkward silences. Again, I knew I’d found someone who would be part of my life. And again, something about us just fit together.

When you meet someone like that, it is like coming home. Like returning from a long trip and seeing someone you’ve missed the entire time you were gone. Only with the “click,” you’ve been missing someone you didn’t even know existed until that moment.

People talk sometimes about “soul mates” or “true matches.” And others scoff at the idea. But if you’ve ever met someone with whom you’ve truly clicked, it’s hard to be skeptical about the possibility that you were meant to be with that person all along.

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