The Story Behind Their Home Port

Since Jupiter Gardens Press is offering my 2011 hetero contemporary novel Their Home Port at a major discount this week as part of their February backlist push, I thought I’d share a bit about how the story came to be.

In 2010, I was still fairly new to writing and being published. I was approached to write a heterosexual romance for a new imprint of an existing publisher (it wasn’t Jupiter Gardens, so I’m not naming it here). I’d been toying with the idea of a story based around a marine assistance towing company, because that’s my hubby’s career. He’s a captain for a company that essentially operates like a road service, only out on the water for pleasure boats instead of on the road for cars. And at the time, I was working part time there as well doing office work and a very little dispatching.

(Photo courtesy of Sea Tow Boston, copyright Steve Winkler.)

It helps that hubby’s father owns our local franchise of the company…

Anyway, I sat down and created the character of Reesa, who was as completely *not* me as I could make her. And the character of Micah, who pretty much is my husband, especially personality-wise. I really enjoyed writing their story, and the suspense toward the end was something I’d never even attempted before but was pleased with how it turned out. I especially liked bringing Micah onto the page for readers to see, since he’s the character of mine who is most closely modeled on the man my bio refers to as my “real life romance hero husband.”

The publisher who had invited me to submit rejected the story because it only gave Reesa’s point of view; they wanted Micah’s as well. I didn’t agree with writing it that way. So I sent it to Jupiter Gardens instead, where it was accepted and released just about three years ago, on March 3, 2011.

All this week, you can pick up Their Home Port for half price on the Jupiter Gardens Press site,, and All Romance Ebooks.

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