Thinking Too Much

Some of you may have seen me online lately talking about some stress going on in my household. It isn’t anything massive, but there are some rifts between my husband and my 15-year-old, and that’s making things hard for me.

Realistically, I should stay out of it and let them sort out their own dispute. Both of them have told me in the past that they prefer I not get involved if they’re having an argument or something. But that isn’t easy for me. My children are my second priority (after my own health, because if I’m not healthy I’m not much good to them), and when I see one of them having a problem, I want to solve it.

Family is also important to me, mainly because I don’t have much of a relationship with any of my family other than the kiddos and hubby, and I want to make that family work.

So I’ve been sitting with this conflict between them for several days now, because things aren’t getting resolved. I keep feeling like I should do something, but I haven’t because I know I need to let them figure it out. I know my fears of losing my family are not rational, and I know that they’ve had problems in the past and have always worked them out. I also know that my 15-year-old is a teenager, and that adds a whole other layer of stuff to her relationships and interactions with any of her parents.

Now I just need to convince my brain of that so I’ll stop thinking too much and worrying too much, and can concentrate on the writing!

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