Tough Choices

Over the weekend, due to certain factors I would prefer not to bring up publicly, I had to make some difficult career choices that I would also prefer not to bring up publicly because I know how word spreads, and I know some of the people who might read this blog. I’m not hiding anything, but given the nature of the situations, there is private contact that needs to be made before I say anything that might give even a hint of what’s going on.

Which will probably lead some people to wonder why I’m blogging about it. Partly it’s because this is one of the ways I process things and weigh my options. Seeing it all in writing makes it easier for me to wrap my head around. Partly it’s because I’m giving my readers a heads-up about some potential changes down the road.

And partly it’s because this is my blog, and I’ll blog what I want to…and because I was having trouble thinking of a topic for today.

Pondering Woman

In the writing business, it’s sometimes easy to forget that writers don’t work *for* publishers or agents, or even *for* readers. We work for ourselves. We work *with* others, but not for them. But because sometimes we lose sight of that, it can be easy to fall into complacency with career situations we aren’t happy with or that we know are negatively impacting us.

That’s where I’ve been for the past several months as I’ve mulled things over and noticed the factors that have led me to this place. And I’ve finally concluded that if I don’t take control of *my* career and do what’s best for me and my books, I am going to suffer for it. That isn’t where I want to be.

As I’m able–and *if* I’m able–I’ll share more information over time.

One comment on “Tough Choices

  1. Cali

    Hello Ms. Keranna,

    I hope all works out for you. I loved your “Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat” Series.

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