Trusting Your Partner

Many people who are in relationships have at least some level of trust with their partner. But there are some things that require more trust, and sometimes giving that trust can be scary.

Something as seemingly simple as sharing one’s sexual fantasies can involve more trust than you might think. Some people have fantasies that they would never want to make reality, and they’re afraid of what their partner might think if those fantasies are spoken. And even if someone is willing to share their fantasy and is interested in making it reality, engaging in something new and different involves trust in your partner as well.

In my novella¬†Knot Intended, Nolie has to decide whether she trusts her husband Joseph enough to tell him her darkest fantasy: being kidnapped, tied up, and “forced.” Once she chooses to risk sharing the fantasy, Joseph offers to act it out with her to help spice up their sex life. Allowing her husband to play the role of her “kidnapper” requires even more trust from Nolie, as does remembering, during the roleplay, that Joseph is her husband, loves her, and would never truly hurt her. And because Nolie is able to give Joseph that trust, their sex life and marriage improve.

Trust isn’t always easy to give, but it’s often worth it.


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