Tweaks, Changes, and Adjustments

The past week has brought changes and reconsiderations in my writing career.

Wooden Pencils In Line

Two of my books which were previously under contract with Ellora’s Cave have been returned to me. The books hadn’t been edited, and there was no release date in sight, so I asked to cancel the contracts. Ellora’s Cave obliged quickly and professionally, which I appreciate.

One of those books, a contemporary novel called With Every Touch, is currently waiting for me to decide what to do with it. The other, a contemporary “spice up the marriage” roleplay novella called Knot Intended, was just accepted by Loose Id.

I also asked for–and was granted–my rights back on my novel Shiny Objects, an MFM menage romance originally published in August 2011. Sales were not as good as I and the publisher would have liked, so it made no sense for the book to continue as it was. Fortunately, in the world of digital publishing, poorly-selling books can sometimes find new life. I already know where Shiny Objects is going once I’ve done some revisions, though I’m not going to give details just yet.

I’m currently at work on Stepping Stone Not Doormat, which will be the next book in my drag queen series with Loose Id. (And the first book of the three to be officially identified as a series title… I’m guessing if accepted, Loose Id will add the series title to the other two books.) And the next romance project I have on my list is the next book in my Love Like Vampires series. 

Many great things are coming for me over the next year or so; I can feel it. And I can’t wait to see what happens.

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