Progress…Steady Progress…

As I posted previously, on May 19, due to a combination of factors I won’t get into again, my Kindle Direct Publishing account and all books I’d published (22, across my three pen names) were deleted. KDP support was unable to restore the account or books, so I was told to set up a new account and republish everything.

I’ve been working on it. I republished Salad on the Side (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 1), which went live on May 25 after being uploaded on May 22. I spent a few days trying to get the formatting right on Veggie Burgers to Go (RWDEM 2) and uploaded that on May 27, figuring it would take a couple-few days to publish the way Salad had… only to have it go live three hours later. (I had to do some tweaking to the paperback format, though; the final paperback version went live on May 31.)

I’ve spent a few days formatting Hummus on Rye (RWDEM 3), and uploaded that for publishing today, June 1. We’ll see how long it takes Amazon to let this one go through.

Today, I’ll be checking the formatting on Try the Tofu (RWDEM 4). The good thing is that because Veggie Burgers published faster than I thought it would, I’m ahead on republishing the books that were lost, and *might* have all of them live again before I release Take Some Tahini (RWDEM 6), which will be available for preorder on June 27 and will release July 11. Though now that I think about it, I might hold back on A Fighting Chance, which was only out for 10 days before I lost the account; that book didn’t get much promotion or attention because there simply wasn’t time, so I might hold off on it and do a rerelease in August or September. I’ll ponder that…

I’ve also been working on Bring On the Broccoli (RWDEM 7). That book has lagged a bit, partly because of the traveling I’ve done (two trips to Canada in the space of two weeks, one to see my kid graduate veterinary school and help them get things underway to move back to the US, the other for the actual move because the planned moving assistance wasn’t available) and partly because I got stuck and had to go back to the beginning to do some tweaking and editing so I could unstick myself. I hope to have the first draft of this book finished within the next week or two, and it’s planned for publication in January 2025.

Meanwhile, my kid has now moved back to the US and is living with me and my husband, so we’re in the process of unpacking, fitting kid’s household stuff into our house, and figuring out how to coexist since they (the kid) haven’t lived with us full time since they were in high school–8 years ago. So things are a bit jumbled, but progress is being made.

Since Veggie Burgers to Go is available now, here’s the cover as a refresher. Fun fact: The background of this cover is a photo taken by my aforementioned kid.