Publishing and Republishing

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally deleted my Amazon account–which resulted in my Kindle Direct Publishing account and all books disappearing from Amazon. (Two stories, Snow on Christmas Eve and Hooch and Howls, are available through other retailers, but the rest were Amazon exclusive.)

As of yesterday, I’ve created a new KDP account, as advised by their support team, and have republished books 1-5 of the Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series. All five are available through Kindle Unlimited until August or September, but at that time I *might* be pulling them from KU so I can publish them through other retailers as well. (So if something like this ever happens again, at least my books will still be out there somewhere!) Next up will be Hooch and Howls, which is part of the Real Werewolves universe but not a direct part of the series and which has a connection to RWDEM 6, Take Some Tahini, which will be released in a few weeks.

Previously, I’d thought that in October, I would rerelease Dawn Over Dayfield, a previously-published suspense with romantic elements novel originally released in 2016. After thinking about it and looking at the in-universe timeline of Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat, I’ve decided to move Dawn Over Dayfield to April 2025. In October, I will be releasing Ebb and Flow, a new novel that connects to Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat and also to Hooch and Howls.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on RWDEM 7, Bring On the Broccoli… but it isn’t going quite as well as I’d hoped. I keep running into roadblocks with the story, and having to go back and change things I’ve already written. I’m hoping to finish it within the next week or so and have it ready to release in January 2025, but those plans might change if Kyle (who is the narrator of this one) doesn’t start cooperating a little better with me.