Coming Soon

This is a list of the projects I have planned for release over the coming months. I’ll add cover art when available. Please be aware that the titles and release dates may change.




Veggie Burgers to Go (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 2) releasing September 8, 2022

A member of Boston North Pack is attacked by humans who claim they were hired by a werewolf. The same night, Melia, the wolf who changed Kyle Slidell, returns to Boston. The pack suspects Melia of arranging the attack, but Kyle believes someone else is behind it. He just doesn’t know who.

The following day, Kyle and his mate, Alpha Tobias Rogan, travel to Pennsylvania for the regional Alpha conference, where Boston North will be officially recognized as a pack and Tobias will declare Kyle his mate. When they arrive, Kyle finds the answer to the question of who’s behind the Boston attack. Saul Hughes, another Alpha, has a long-standing grudge against Tobias and believes Tobias is too weak to rule a pack. And because Chal Torres, Alpha of City Pack in Boston, supports Tobias, Saul considers him weak as well.

Saul makes it clear that he wants control of both Boston packs. And when tragedy strikes on hunt night, everyone realizes just how far Saul will go to get what he wants.


Beta Test (Real Werewolves True Mates 2) releasing November 2022

Hummus on Rye (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 3) releasing January 2023

Beta Block (Real Werewolves True Mates 3) releasing March 2023

Try the Tofu (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 4) releasing May 2023

Peace Sign (Real Werewolves True Mates 4) releasing July 2023

Tempeh for Two (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 5) releasing September 2023

Alpha State (Real Werewolves True Mates 5) releasing November 2023

Check back for updates!