Chance Met Preorder Is Available!

Working on Chance Met was an adventure. The original version, published in 2013, was a novella that came in at well under 20,000 words. It was written as part of a Valentine’s Day thing my publisher at the time was running, and I wasn’t entirely happy with it because I felt like the characters, one of whom is a single dad, fell into bed together way sooner than I was comfortable with. But it was supposed to be a short piece, and the characters having sex was kind of expected.

When I decided to add it to my roster of rereleases, I wanted to do something about the insta-lust aspect. I also wanted to expand on some facets of the story that I’d given short shrift in the original due to length constraints. So I set out to expand the story…

…and it expanded quite a bit more than I thought it would.

That isn’t a bad thing. The new version is around 53,000 words, long enough for me to feel justified in publishing a paperback version as well as Kindle.  Although the heat between Trey and Crawford still escalates quickly, it isn’t as rapid or out of the blue as in the original. And there’s some conflict between the two of them, unlike the original where everything just happened smoothly over the course of a few days.

My plan for this release was initially a March 9 release date, with the Kindle preorder going live on February 23. Because of the length of the expansion, plus some personal life things that interfered with my ability to work on the book, that didn’t happen. However, as of March 9, the Kindle preorder is live! And the official release date, for both Kindle and paperback, will be March 23.

You can preorder the Kindle version on Amazon.